Developer. The developer portal includes all the resources required to start building your own custom local and remote Maltego transforms. The portal also. This page includes a user guide for Maltego, transform guides as well as links to our Youtube channel that includes videos tutorials on using Maltego. The first setting in the Manual Links settings allows you to choose if the Edit properties dialog should open when a new manual.

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Once proxy settings have been configured, the Test connection button can be clicked to check whether the Maltego client can connect manuall the Internet using the proxy details.

Next to the Options button, there is also an Exit button which, when clicked, will close the Maltego application. The default setting for this is to have the links merge. Entity Alignment Figure The properties — these are additional information fields for the entity Adding an Entity to your Graph To add a new entity to your graph, click and hold on the desired entity and drag it onto the graph area as depicted below: To unfreeze the graph simply press the same button and the graph will resume as normal.

Maltego User Guide

The image below shows an example of block layout. You can also choose to completely switch off truncating entity values. The font size for the Transform Output window can be changed by right-clicking anywhere in the transform output window and then either increasing or decreasing the font sizes as shown in the image below: On the right-hand side of the Home page you will find the Transform Hub. The next two settings set the color for manual and transform created links. The more outgoing links an entity has the bigger it is sized on the graph.


Layouts Buttons 4 to 8 in the layout sidebar are used to determine how entities will be arranged on the graph. The options menu is sorted by different tabs, each of which are explained in the following sub-sections.

For example, if your mouse pointer was at the far left of a graph, zooming in would mean that the graph would be slowly moved to the left until the central point was where the mouse pointer was rather than the central point being that of the center of the graph. The link labels and properties panel in under the View tab allows you to set what is shown on a link.

Maltego User Guide

Learn more about using Maltego, how it can be extended or view our faq page. Option to set entity label length before it is truncated. Custom views mxnual be created from the Manage View window that can be opened from the dropdown menu shown below:.

Selected entity value to malteg truncated text The Max Entity Label Length option allows you to choose how many characters an entity value can be before it is truncated.

Note that the properties from the other two entities are now in the Dynamic properties of the merged entity:. By simply selecting Yes you can cancel the running transforms. Select default web browser for Maltego to use.

Entities are not as tightly packed to each other as they are in organic layout. Creates a single entity with properties from all the entities that were maktego. Additional transforms will be queued until the earlier transforms have completed.

Options for font anti-aliasing Entity label length In the Maltego client, entity values will be truncated with an ellipsis to help neaten the graph from long maltegp values.


Entity attachment Notes The Notes tab includes a large text area where a note for an entity can be added or modified. When a type action is run, your default web browser will open and the search will be performed there. Picking an entity from the dropdown will change all your selected entities to that type. Each of these actions will be described in later sections.


By default, when an attachment is added to an entity, a small paper-clip icon will be overlaid the entity icon on the left-hand side. You can also add to the No Proxy Host list, each item in this list should be comma separated. Dragging an entity to graph Once an entity has been dragged onto a graph it becomes one of the nodes on the graph.

Example graph with view set to ball size by rank The seven views that come with Maltego out-the-box are covered in layout sidebar section. The entity selection behavior and functionality is identical between the entity view and the list view. Manua add a new entity to your graph, click and hold on the desired entity and drag it onto the graph area as depicted below:.

Clicking the Web Browser dropdown field will show a list of web browsers that are installed on the system and allow you to choose a new web browser for Maltego to use.