Title, India: Report of the Malimath Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System: Some observations. Publisher, Amnesty International. The role of victim in modern justice system, is it only the role of being a witness or one the stake holder in achieving justice. 2. Is there relationship between. Please click the link to read the Report on the Criminal Justice System as suggested by Justice Malimath Committee in This report.

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The Malimath Committee’s recommendations on reforms in the criminal justice system in 20 points

Instead, the Committee recommended classifying offences as social welfare code, correctional code, criminal code, and economic and other offences code. Training Government and Judiciary both should invest in training. Malimath, malimsth suggest an overhaul of the century-old criminal justice system. Representative to monitor human rights enforcement in Nigeria [7] and Sri Lanka. The latter will allow the accused to respond to the charges framed against him or her.

V. S. Malimath

Way forward Entire system requires reform first the need is to start with the electoral reform. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. The International Bar Association appointed malimathh as part of a fact finding mission to Sri Lanka to assess the circumstances surrounding a call for a constitutional referendum and its effect on the country’s judiciary.

Because it was optional, few police officers or magistrates recording confessions have preferred this route. View comments Post a comment. C Indian Penal Code be suitably amended.

The effort to improve the conviction rate should not lead to a miscarriage of justice. The Committee suggested hiving off the investigation wing from Law and Order. Interested in blogging for timesofindia. News reports indicate that the government is revisiting the Malimath Committee report on criminal justice reforms and alarm bells have already gone off.

One of its suggestions was that the possession of prohibited automatic or semi-automatic weapons and lethal explosives be made punishable with up to 10 years jail.


Malimath started his law practice in the High Court of Bombay in This is very important because the Criminal Procedure Code and jail manual are voluminous documents that rreport not be accessible to an accused without sufficient education.


This is to be organised in a separate legislation. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Under Section of IPC wife should likewise be punished if she has sexual intercourse with another married man. Economic Crimes Such crimes should be tackled immediately through legislative and other provisions.

The victim should be allowed to participate in cases involving serious crimes and also be given adequate compensation. These cases will be jalimath on a day-to-day basis and no adjournment shall be permitted.

Recommendations of the committee malimzth being revisited by the central Govt. Suggest the ways to improve judicial proceedings and justice delivery to common man. Objective of the Malimath Committee Malimath committee was established to propose reform in the criminal Justice System and constitutional provisions related to it.

V. S. Malimath – Wikipedia

As the law and order problem in the country is deteriorating and crimes are increasing in all spheres be it against Women, Cyber, Economic Crime, or organised crimes.

The National Judicial Commission must have clear guidelines on precise qualifications, experience, qualities and attributes that are needed in a good judge and also the prescription of malimathh criteria to apply to the overall background of the candidate. So Electoral reform along with Judicial and Police Reform should go hand in hand. Resistance from within the judiciary, declaring the Judicial Appointment Commission Act unconstitutional is an example of such resistance. Most Malimath Committre recommendations on criminal justice reform are good; the few bad ones must be ignored and the rest taken up January 18,5: It suggested that a new post, Director of Prosecution, be created in every State to facilitate effective coordination between the investigating and prosecuting officers under the guidance of the Advocate General.

He was also the chair of the Karnataka Border Protection Committee. Appointing more judges and police personnel, deploying scientific techniques, beefing up forensic labs, and other infrastructure investments are the need of the hour.

Recommendations of the Committee It is the duty of state to protect the fundamental rights of all citizen. January 17, Similarly, the CrPC amendments a decade ago provided that confessions, states of witnesses and dying declarations can be videorecorded. In cases where the interest of society is maliamth involved, law should favour settlement without trial as recommended by the Law Commission. Skip to main content. This is because two of the recommendations are alarming and would involve a drastic change in investigation and prosecution of criminal cases and dispensation of justice.

  GE IC200ALG240 PDF

Prosecution Prosecutors are amlimath Officers of the Court, they help the court to find the truth which is the objective of the Criminal Justice System.

Reclassification of offences Offences are currently classified as cognisable and non-cognisable. Popular Tags modi bjp rahul-gandhi india aap featured gst donald-trump congress corruption gdp demonetisation arvind-kejriwal rbi featuredet supreme-court pakistan economy us arun-jaitley delhi bollywood china narendra-modi cricket.

In the US if it is blacks and hispanics in India it is Muslims, Dalits and backward sections whose population is disproportionately high among under trial prisoners. The committee suggested every court keep a record of the timestamps such as date of conclusion of arguments, date of pronouncement of judgment, and so on, which may be prominently displayed. The Committee is in favour of a permanent Statutory Committee to prescribe sentencing guidelines. The state mqlimath appointed him Advocate General in The Committee has recommended providing for mzlimath Presidential Commission for a periodical review of commuttee functioning of the Committde Justice System.

Both are problematic on various counts. National Human Rights Commission of India: The fine amount may be increased by fifty times.

Jiby was working as an engineer in California when the blogging wave that preceded the social media explosion swept him to journalism and Delhi where he was.

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