Es el fin del mundo tal y como lo conocíamos Los mayores miedos de la humanidad han saltado de la ficción a la realidad. Wanderer es una. La huésped Autor, Stephenie Meyer El libro describe el predicamento de un «alma» cuando el cuerpo hospedado rehúsa a cooperar con su invasor. Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Punto de Lectura – – Book Condition: Good – Ships with Tracking Number!.

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It takes a very long time for them to see that she has no intention of turning anyone in to the Seekers.

I kid you not. I must be a masochist.

La huésped

This book was so stunning, so amazing, so crazy good that I can’t even describe it. That’s how it usually goes, after all, though I don’t care for it. Edward was pretty mean to Bella in the beginning, remember? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Jul 15, Lina rated it did not like it Shelves: I like that Wanderer picked up sarcasm from Mel.

The Host (The Host, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

They are inserted into through the back of the neck and attach themselves to our brains and control our bodies. I can’t say that I like it much better than what I said above. Stephenie Meyer is incredibly skilled with emotion; that’s her strongest suit.


Lbro the characters well-developed? This book is all about emotions, and reading about how the characters feel in every scene makes the story so meyeer, so true She is called Wanderer for a reason: View all 25 comments.

What is going on here? May 26th through June 8th Second read: They destroy minds of humans and possess the bodies. I hope Stephenie Meyer writes another novel after she finishes with the Twilight Series.

He is a selfish prick who has no right to say that or call Jared selfish for wanting the woman teenager he fell in “love” with to be returned to her huespfd. At least in pages Bella had met Edward! Even though hudsped are the big problem, it is not just your regular alien-invasion sci-fy book. I am reading this for a challenge. Jun librk, Railee rated it liked it. View all 65 comments.

Because these humans hate with so much fury, was the other end of the spectrum that they could love with more heart and zeal and fire? We see that he has the capacity to be kind, to gain perspective, to learn to understand. I loved Melanie, she was just awesome: Tell all the publishers to stop printing The Host. Duh, Twilight and all. What makes one belong? I hope Meyer wrote this in her spare time for herself because I fucking love light sci-fi and I hate to think she sat down and decided the market needed this.


He would rather have Mel go away and lose all rights to her body than allow Wanda to leave and stop being a parasite her words not mine.

Wanda stephenoe an alien who hates her kind, but not really.

The point is made that she loves him because her body, Melanie’s body, loves him and responds to him, and her mind too in a way. We are then introduced to our protagonist: I love how people act and react in this book. View all 31 comments. The opposite is true here however: The lack of effort she put into the creativity of this world is so childish I really wanted to throw my nook several times.

We have weak v.

La huésped – Wikiquote

View all 9 comments. I reread it a few times. The society seem to have 3 classes Healers their Doctors, Seekers their police force, and the general populace they are never referred to as more then Souls.

Ha ha, I just made a funny.