Cestodes in four species of euryhaline stingrays from Columbia. D’un Eutetrarhynchus (Cestode Tétrarhynque) au stade pre-adulte chez us Urolophus . se transforme purement et simplement en adulte après son transfert dans l’hôte final. A l’arrière CCro Figure Cycle de développement d’un Cestode: le. remaining preserved cestodes 4 yr later, many worms were brittle and unreceptive to stain. .. Tétrarhynque) au stade pre-adulte chez us Urolophus. ( Selachii.

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There was a relatively high prevalence of G.

One explanation for the difference in worm burdens and composition in sheep and goats is that the latter they are browsers as well as grazers and, if feeding on scrub high enough, they could avoid most of the infective trichostrongyle larvae.

Le Riche P D et al.

No significant change was noted on liveweight between the treated groups and the control in adult sheep ewes and rams. The seasonal prevalence of inhibited development of Haemonchus contortus in sheep in Senegal.

McCulloch B et al. Since effotts are being made in two ecological zones to assess the impact of mass anthelminthic treatment on production parameters such as weight and mortality. The dynamics of the host-parasite relationship.

Animals comprised cestods Djallonke sheep and dwarf goats. Long-legged sheep and goats lee found in the Sahelian regions, and the dwarf breed are found in the Sudanese region of Mali. Both sheep and goats were found to be infested with identical nematode species, however, with different levels of infestation. Results and discussion The following strongyle eggs reduction rates were observed following the prime anthelminthic treatment. The maximum egg count was observed between August and October with a peak in September.

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Meaning of “cestode” in the French dictionary

Sahelian goats Based on post-mortem examination, the following nematodes were identified in long-legged Sahelian goats in order cestode predominance: This parasitogical survey has shown that they also share the same parasite species bun wdultes different levels of infection.

Studies of parasitic helminths of sheep and goats in Ghana. The presence of nodules on viscera is of prime importance for the rural population because the infected intestines are subject to condemnation during meat inspection and are therefore lost for use as sausage casings.

Observation on the morphology and life history of Gaigeria pachyscelis, Railliet and Henry, Since the standard deviations were very high the differences may not be conclusive Table 2. Graber recognised this parasite among native sheep of Senegal.

Introduction Sheep and goats, although representing an important source of animal protein in semi-arid countries such as Mali, seem to have benefited little from veterinary care and production improvement. Kouyate 1S.

Postmortem examination showed the following prevalence: Liveweights were recorded every two months and the average daily weight gain was determined. Galgeria pachyscells Since the first report on the occurrence of the hookworm Gaigeria pachyscelis in sheep and goats in South Africa Orlepp,a wide distribution of the parasite has been reported in tropical Africa. Health adjltes of a dairy herd on the Jos Plateau Nigeria. These groups were subdivided into three age categories: Eight flocks of sheep owned by villagers were identified by ear tags and randomly divided into three groups of treatment according to their weight: A helminth survey of sheep and goats in Cyprus, Part I.


Four trematodes Fasciola gigantica, Dicrocoelium nospes, Paramphistomum spp and Carmyerius sppone larval Cysticercus tenuicollis and three adult cestodes Monezia, Stilesia, and Avitellina were identified.

Both animal breeds were owned by small individual households.

CESTODE – Definition and synonyms of cestode in the French dictionary

Further investigation is needed to assess the pathology of schistosomes in small ruminants because of increasing reports of damage that the parasite might cause in sheep Vercruysse, They are kept around the villages during the rainy season and allowed to graze freely away from the villages without herding during the dry season. Angoras in a Merino world. The phenomenon, as described in cattle, is commonly known to occur in sheep in temperate regions Donald et al, ; Dinneen et al, ; Michael and recently recognised in tropical Africa.

William Heineman Medical Books Ltd. Studies done in Senegal Vercruysse,have shown that larvae ingested between October and December were inhibition-prone, the adult populations resulting from the burden acquired during the previous August.

Journal of the South African Veterinary Association Age distribution and the severity of infection with gastro-intestinal parasites.

Cooperia pectinata, Cooperia punctata and C. The more common nematodes in sheep were, in order of predominance: The following species were identified: Points of collection are shown in Figure 1.

Goats are often the main supply of daily meat in rural areas.