Explorien Starship Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: Explorien Explorien Nova Hunter Ann Theme: Space Exploriens Explorien Starship is an Exploriens set released in LEGO → System → Space → Exploriens. Largest set from the LEGO Space Exploriens series now out of manufacture! Includes FOUR Exploriens minifigures, including a rare droid figure! Contains Download official LEGO® building instructions online for , EXPLORER’S SPACE SHIP, LEGO Space and get building fast!.

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Not the best solution, but at least they gave us something. Playmobil Surfer with Beach Quad. Explorien Starship – Explorien Starship Rating: Paris Thu Dec 20, To the left and right of the workroom are two observation pits with 2x2x1 computer pieces, which I think look really neat. And finally we get to see the wings and cockpit unlocked.

Look at the details they have! Berlin Tue Jan 15, When I was looking at all of the new sets I saw this one and was totally amazed at the size of this set. Page last updated 2 weeks ago Next update in 1 month.

The printed parts are a mixed bag. And once you do, your construction ends up gappy. I want you to pay special attention to those two hinges at the top rear of the cockpit. Workroom is not air-tight; silly fossil tile idea Contents: Vienna Fri Dec 28, The legl in general seems to have been designed with some inspiration from Star Trek.


Explorien Chief aus Set Unfortunately this set is so big that I’m not able to store it assembled. Now, the set can be beefed up in this area to help it hold together a bit better. I was very pleased to see lsgo set giving away three Trans-blue slanted shields.

Lego Set Review: – Explorien Starship

Another view of the wings in the down position. Those gray technic bricks that you can see are for the wings to lock in place.

The instructions are easy to follow. I just have to say, great review! The Exploriens minifigs are good, but not as legi as those classic figs. Sign in Already have an account? In fact, the arms are too heavy for the hinges that allow the up and down movement, so the LEGO designers used a 1 x 8 plate for the arms to rest on so they wouldn’t drag on the ground. This system works much better than the cockpit lock, despite the wings being much longer and heavier than the cockpit.

Lego Space Exploriens Starship (6982)

There are a few things that could have been avoided in this set. The large box at the back end houses the cannon. The problem is that the set could have used one more. The main work area is nice and open.

The images change when you look view them through a trans red or trans blue part. London Thu Jan 10, Posted August 8, Also, the assembly has two sets of hinges controlling the up leyo down motion. Leho Tue Dec 25, Neither of these compartments is airtight, so they feel a little tacked on. This ship in particular has angles sticking out of it everywhere. This only gets an above average from me becasue back inLEGO knew the value of a dollar but still this is overpriced for the pieces and lack of figs.


The back of the instructions show some alternate builds.

Uh-Oh This photo was taken while I was moving the model for these photos. The Build Like the Mini-rover, the Starship build is very straight-forward. Vienna Thu Jan 03, It is nicely designed and actually takes quite a long time to build up. The form of the ship looks really sleek and cool until you put this thing lgo.

Several steps late, and the central work area has really taken shape. Random Page This page shows part of the construction of the neck that connects the crew compartment to the wing section.

I do enjoy its great play value.