Lateralno razmisljanje. Ljubljana: New Moment. Dyck, R., & Mulej, M. (). Self -transformation of the forgotten four-fifths. Dubuque, IA: Kendal/Hunt. EU. New Moment Ideas Company, Ljubljana (taped by N. Mulej and her team). de Bono, E. (), ‘Lateralno razmišljanje’ [Lateral thinking], New Moment, De Bono, E. (), Lateralno razmišljanje. New Moment, Ljubljana Dyck, R.G. ( ), “Whither Economics: A Checklist for Change,” Nase Gospodarstvo (Our.

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Ostali to uglavnom samo zele da budu.

Hm, we could give it a shot, but I am not convinced that laterqlno stone is a precious one, i. Prvi, kreativni, najcesce razviju svoje sisteme rada i misljenja.

You are independent in thinking 3. Creativity is in most cases an unknown quantity and big corporations do not like to put themselves into mercy or unmercy of something so insecure. Posvete se radu a ne izmisljanju RNS rupa na saksiji. If a company is unproductive, it will have less new ideas. Only when each angle of perspective is touched by our cognitive activities do we find an adequate solution and make the process which helped us come to that solution worthy of creative potential of each person.


Productivity will elicit the max provided by a new idea. What can we offer to the world? You pay too much attention to your superiors You are a bit egoistic and narcissistic De Bono reminds us that our innate way of thinking is based on analyses and making conclusions. You are a pessimist, discourage your surroundingconstantly criticizing In the last week of September, I was one of the few guests of Zavarovalnica Mariborand having dinner with Edward de Bono. Everybody has to want to be creative.

De Bono points out that companies often claim that they have all the new ideas they need.

How to think smarter?

Do not presuppose, in any way, that creative ideas are always high-risk businesses. It is crucial to understand that creativity is an ability of making new ideas.

Lateral thinking results in creative ideas whose implementation creates innovations. Likewise, there are companies which believe in the osmosis; they let others try razmislianje the new ideas and if they are successful, take all the credit for themselves.

How to think smarter? –

Even more, however, you have to understand innovation as the implementation of those creative ideas. You are afraid of an embarrassing truth 6.

You are familiar with diverse cultural values 2. You reject personal responsibility 8. You reject everything out of the ordinary 3.


I have to say, a Grand man of the present and a warm speaker. Medjutim, retko ko tu zelju odrzava tokom celog veka.

Kreativnost in lateralno mišljenje by Ivan Pucić on Prezi

Mnogi vremenom shvate da postoje i drugi aspekti zivota, koji traze drugacije sposobnosti npr. Although we are not all born to be artists, chefs or sportsmen, there are numerous techniques which can help us perfect our abilities. Unapred zahvalan Simo Radjenovic.

De Bono sees the dominance of vertical thinking mainly in the bases of our culture and a specific way of thinking making us believe that we always have to push forward on a predetermined direction.

You do not have affinity towards authorities Knjiga u kojoj se itekako pozivaju na De Bona. How to be even better… Although we are not all born to be artists, chefs or sportsmen, there are numerous techniques which can help us perfect our abilities.

If an idea is not absurd in its beginning, razmissljanje will come out of it!