Buy Touched With Fire: Manic-depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament New Ed by Kay Redfield Jamison (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy The Catcher in . 25 quotes from Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament: ‘Who would not want an illness that has among its symptoms eleva.

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Touched with Fire Quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison

Jan 31, Kirsten rated it really liked it Shelves: Jamison presents proof of the biological foundations of this disease and applies what is known about the illness to the lives and works of some of the world’s greatest artists including Lord Byron, Vincent Van Gogh, and Virginia Woolf.

The The definitive work on the profound and surprising links between manic-depression and creativity, from the bestselling psychologist of bipolar disorders who wrote An Unquiet Mind. It is a recurrent disturbance with links to depression and mania. Seeing so many of ffire greatest minds side-by-side at the tail end of a Katie Holmes-fronted indie drama causes us to reflect: Open Preview See a Problem?

Account Options Sign in. Perhaps it’s my own inadequacy. I highly recommend this book.

Touched with Fire Quotes

In tests of convergent thinking there is almost always one conclusion or answer that is regarded as unique, and thinking is to be channeled or controlled in the direction of that answer On the plus side, I enjoyed her in-depth treatment of Lord Byron most other figures, she only discussed briefly. Oct 23, Mommalibrarian rated it liked it Shelves: Her work, based on her fie as a clinical psychologist and researcher in mood disorders, reveals that many artists subject to exalted highs and despairing lows were in fact engaged in a struggle with clinically identifiable manic-depressive illness.


It has long been perceived that mental derangement, or insanity, has been a gift of the Gods, transcending human capabilities. I read this book trying to understand my depression and while the book is primarily about bipolar, which I don’t have, it’s full of information that can help someone fighting depression. Price may vary by retailer. The list is quite lengthy of the talented people whose names are recognized as huge talents in their fields.

Some of the anecdotes from bipolar artists, poets, and writers were pretty interesting, but what I was hoping for were answers, or at least conclusions of some sort.

My gut reaction was to assume this connection was imaginary, but the science says otherwise. Much of the problem is that there are plenty of big, clunky medical terms in the mix. Refresh and try again. I had heard that Dr Jamison has a tendency to romanticise mood disorders, but I didn’t understand how true that was until I read jamizon book. Goodwin Kay Redfield Jamison. He also catches the eye of actual published poet Carla Holmeswho accidentally admitted herself after experiencing an episode and attempting to obtain personal records about a previous breakdown she went through.

Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament by Kay Redfield Jamison

I have been unconsciously until recently been drawn over and over again to this subject, this connection between what this author describes as the ‘Artistic Temperament,’ and in this case Manic-Depres I have often been curious about the saying, ‘There is a fine line between genius and madness,’ and touchdd that I have continually found myself drawn to the works of writer’s poets, artist’s, musicians, scientists, philosophers, et all whom are said to have suffered from some sort of mental illness.

The author referred toiched Adele Judas study of in German artists: Refresh and try again. I don’t think this redfieeld much insight but tell us what we already know, perhaps it shed light on a glaring flaw of all science.


The book approaches also medication and new alternatives for treating the malady gene therapy, namely.

The list of artists is so long. In terms of becoming mystics The thing is, while I was bored to death while reading, it was my fault – I misunderstood, I thought the movie was an adaptation of this.

As both an artist and someone who has suffered sometimes crippling depression for years, I find this alarming in an academic work. The study of genealogies shows the taint of blood, the erratic behavior, violent melancholy and tempestuous moods. The extensive family histories of various well-known poets, writers, painters, and artists gathered here are almost worth the list price by themselves.

The increase in the speed of thinking may exert its influence in different ways. Guilford, who carried out a long series of systematic psychological studies into the nature of creativity, found that several factors were involved in creative thinking; many of these, as we shall see, relate directly to the cognitive changes that take place during mild manias as well.

Placed in a mental ward, Marco finds an appreciative new audience for his theories.

Jun 06, Rob rated it liked it Shelves: Sorry Doctor, but you were so manic to get your point across you alienated and missed the mark. Views Read Edit View history.

About Coleridge, Hazlitt said: So many great artistic minds moving at incredible speed to create masterpieces The film isn’t officially an adaptation of the book—the film was originally titled Mania Daysand writer-director Paul Dalio, who is himself bipolar, is the sole screenplay credit.