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Roth is understandably angry, and if knew what was to happen once could imagine the angry etrantes absolute despair. No machinery has been invented for peasants with such an advanced brain.

The Wandering Jews by Joseph Roth

The angry comes through in his prose, and I found myself very moved over many parts of it. It’s an important argument, not only from the point of view of historical accuracy and fairness, but also for helping readers understand differences between large groups of Jews as environmental, the countryside and the town, feudalism and capitalism.

Oct 10, Lois rated it really liked it. Given the massive ergantes that have occurred among Jews around the world over the past decades, its interesting to recall how different attitudes were not long ago, when many Jews were considered by the West to be an uncivilized other.

In dit voorwoord is alle judioa verloren en Joseph Roth’s “Juden auf Wanderschaft” is een reeks essays over hoofdzakelijk het leven van de “Ostjuden”. Nationality is a Western concept. The afterword, written inshows an awareness of the jjudios style antisemitism eliminationism but is necessarily uncomprehending of what is about to happen. We do not realise that our whole life has become a quarantine, and that all our countries have become barracks and concentration camps, admittedly with all the modern conveniences.


Apr 07, Miriam Jacobs rated it really liked it. It is not hard to see echoes of this arrogant attitude today in the response to the waves of Syrians and Iraqis fleeing war to unwelcoming Western shores, Errantws segment on immigration to America also notes vividly how, for once, Jews got judois benefit from their race by being subsumed into a larger racial category of “white. Roth’s afterwordwritten inis eerily accurate in its predictions but even he could not foresee the attempted annihilation of the Jewish race by the Nazis.

Joseph Roth

It paints a dystopian picture of homelessness, statelessness and persecution ahead of the horrors of the aholocaust. He puts the Zionist into context, understanding why they exist but sceptical about jhdios aims. The victim is freed from josepg torments and the bully from his compulsion. Joseph Roth was an esteemed Berlin journalist and a very gifted wordsmith and author of numerous books.

This book is a crie de coeur that called on the world to pay attention to the suffering of the Eastern European Jews and to cease its bigotry against them before its too late. They are an old people and they have known him a long time! In particular he provides interesting anecdotes and insights about life in the Shtetl and a very human understanding josepn the sheer grind of having to get by and survive in Anti-Semitic societies.

In America he can still speak Yiddish, he thinks, just because of all the Jews there already!

Ook het leven van de joden in Berlijn, Parijs, Wenen en de Verenigde Staten komen aan bod, en in een 10 jaar later toegevoegd hoofdstuk de s ‘Sterreporter’ Roth pakt in ‘Joden op drift’ uit met een verbluffende les in essayistiek.


His is an economy of prayer lying under a layer of material poverty. A brilliant angry little book. They speak several languages, are themselves the product of several generations of mixed marriages, and fatherland for them is whichever country happens to conscript them.

With a heavy heart they renounced their family and with a joyful heart their fatherland. Never mind, that as the reader knows, all of Europe would descend into the Holocaust not long after. Despised by both Christians and Jews, they learned to despise themselves and their unique culture.

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Also, read it and consider modern refugee and immigrant populations, equally at risk. Apr 28, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Many of the Jews of Eastern Europe, not getting much traction in Palestine, are moving west, through Europe and the Americas. Roth has a wonderfully pithy and understated writing style.

Jun 12, Nicholas During rated it it was amazing. Lists with This Book. There is no other people that lives on such a footing with their God It is a worthwhile reminder to Muslim communities today not to countenance the bigotry of those who would attack conservative Muslims while claiming exception for their assimilated, “good” co-religionists.

Every few decades a book is published that shapes Jewish consciousness. Brandend actueel in het licht van de huidige vluchtelingencrisis.