For those who may have come across the book The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, here is a free online book. Welcome to the official companion website for The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, edited by John W. Loftus, and published by Prometheus Books. In fifteen. The Christian Delusion by John Loftus, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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However, I believe atheists are just as guilty of this tendency as well. I, of course, agree. Christianity is no different than any other supernatural mythology. If celusion ever hear anybody making this claim, direct them to this paper.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. As an aside, it is interesting that the authors of this book use my faith to blast Christianity. No one other than inbred creationist yokels doubts that whales are mammals, and that they do have mammalian ancestors.

The Christian Delusion | : Books

While a couple of essays are thought provoking, too many of them feel snotty. Many of the arguments are thwarted by the facts surrounding the Restoration of the gospel – the fact that God has restored his Church to the earth. I never said historic Christians were perfect, nor did I mean to say that secularism or humanism have contributed nothing. They are given to us. They discover quasars and pulsars and dark matter and black holes, and maybe other big bangs and other universes. Also, they could have spent a few more words — a sentence or two — explaining exactly what they meant early on.

I want to know the arguments that the militant atheists of our day are using to destroy faith. I find it interesting that naturalists neglect the limits of reason — do they read Kant? Of course, the most emotionally appealing story, or the one holding the biggest carrot or stick, is not necessarily true.


They have very different core doctrinal content regarding the nature of God and Jesus Christ.

I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer Vitalism is way dead. From my perspective he does not exist. The basic thesis is that there is so much animal suffering especially suffering built right into the evolutionary process that it is unreasonable to assume that an all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing God exists.

This is just the nature of texts — especially ones that are read in vastly different social and historical contexts. BTW, you can purchase a great debate between Wallace and Ehrman on the problem of suffering here: Chapters on diverse topics, such as biblical criticism, neurology, and philosophy.

That is not insignificant. Biomolecules including proteins and nucleic acids have been chemically synthesized and inserted into cells, and function as well as those produced by cells.

How John Loftus’s The Christian Delusion Fails: Part One – Thinking Christian

Go and see the Articles of Faith: Their problem johj that they lied. Many thought-provoking ideas and concepts. It is boorish and emotionally immature. But of course, as the title implies, dealing primarily with Christianity.

CPBD 037: John Loftus – The Christian Delusion

christlan We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can poftus if you wish. Christianity as the most wonderful story and biggest threat John seems to intimate that the making a world view decision based on which is the most personally appealing story is a bad one, christiqn I think he lacks specificity here. The section closes with chapter nine in an examination of one of the facets of the problem of evil in the form of animal suffering, referred to as the Darwinian Problem of Evil.


If you are unaware of it, you are certainly not the person I will be turning to for meaningful opinions on biological science. Next the book approaches the topic of how the Old Testament God is immoral. From the divine side, we have the affirmation that God both says and does speech acts!

He still writes well on evolution though. Furthermore it seems that the method to determine the meaning of a passage is quite arbitrary and depends on the mores of the generation reading it for instance discarding all of the Biblical approvals of slavery.

The Christian Delusion : Why Faith Fails

Pre-suppositionalism is incompatible with the scientific method. If you are a Christian, and you care delhsion your beliefs correspond to reality as closely as possible then you must take a look at this book.

That said, when I talk to Christians I often ask them what they believe and why — even on basic issues like what they think it is that they worship.

And all he had to do in Jesus was to be clearer to the church who even misunderstood him 4 we are fallen, corrupt humans, so what do you expect? The bit from the Nicene Creed about the koftus holy catholic and apostolic Church olftus actually universal for Christians.

To be fair, it is one that happens a lot, namely, that Genesis 1 conflicts with evolution. Feb 26, Amy rated it really liked it.