Lantz, A.: Intervjumetodik – Den professionellt genomförda intervjun (in Swedish). Studentlitteratur. () 6. Abrahamsen, P.: Samarbete, samverkan, samvaro. Kvale, Steinar Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun. Studentlitteratur, Lund. Lantz, Annika Intervjumetodik. Studentlitteratur, Lund. Marander-Eklund. Author: Lantz, Annika, Publication year: Language: Swedish. Media class: Book. Publisher: W&W,. ISBN:

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How can effects of teamwork be explained and thus be enhanced? Supportive leadership has an effect on group processes that interrvjumetodik turn impact group initiative and self-organizational activities and a direct effect on group initiative as well.

Ihtervjumetodik Cross-boundary collaboration and team innovation. It updates the research agenda, which is most topical during the financial crisis and economic restructuring of today. The tentative qualitative results b show differences between stake-holders input to stagnant and vibrant teams.

Research methods in HCI, formdi09

Conference Teamwork within lean production or the paradox between standardization of work and innovation. There are many reasons for why people work in teams, including managerial beliefs that teamwork can be beneficial to organizational effectiveness. An Introduction to Work and Organizational Psychology, It is not always that teams are effective.

This book addresses the links between unemployment, precariousness work and health risks from various scientific frames of reference as well as those of policy-makers.

Chapter The design of previous job and vocational behaviour during unemployment. Annika Lantz Friedrich, Daniela Ulber. November 20, Bookmark and share Tell a friend.


A conclusion is that the potential for team-learning processes and proactivity lies in those work activities that are not standardized, and good inter-team collaboration in the work-flow.

Telephone 39 In the first study we test a model of how CBC impact team proactivity through team learning. Many organizations have structured their work around teams, and most people have an experience of teamwork where they have felt the joy of accomplishing things together, learning from others, and getting good and rewarding results.

KTH CSC formdi09

Imagine the future world: We start this chapter by describing positive outcomes of teamwork for the individual, the team and the organization. A conclusion is that teams within LPS can be engaged in workplace innovation depending on how they take on additional tasks, as these impact team learning.

This study develops a previous model on the relationship between job design, group processes, group initiative and self-organizational activities by including supportive leadership. Participation in forming the standardization of work is linked to managerial style, which can be changed and developed also within a lean concept.

We finish with an overview of the main findings and discuss how contextual and situational aspects impact team processes, and how factors on individual, team and organizational levels interact. Very few studies have investigated the paradox between lean and teamwork, yet many lean-inspired productions systems have teamwork as a pillar for enhancing effectiveness.

Annika Lantz Friedrich – Stockholm University

Learning at the workplace is essential for long-term employability, and for job satisfaction and health. The main difference is between thinking teamwork or individual work, expanding work into joint problem-solving or defining divided and clear-cut work roles, in the coordination of different support functions activities, and if teams are involved in prioritizing what should be done. Within the production all tasks that go beyond the production when it runs well, involve other functions.


Lean production System LPS has been widely implemented in organizations in different sectors all over the world Wittrock, The core of lean production is founded on the concept of continuous product and process improvement and the elimination of nonvalue-adding activities and teamwork as a pillar to becoming lean. To reduce nonvalue-adding activities means to standardize work procedures and hence to reduce autonomy.

The results presented in this paper are based on two studies, part of a larger longitudinal project on teamwork on the shop-floor within LPS in manufacturing industry. Team learning mediates the relationship between participative decision-making and inter team collaboration on team proactive behaviour. International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations 3 2 Article Leaned teamwork fattens workplace innovation.

In the following sections, we first outline a model of effective teamwork and then go deeper into aspects and processes that research has shown to be important for team effectiveness.