Lucy Cornelssen was a German mystic who lived that last part of her life at the Arunachala Hill in South India. She writes from direct experience, sharing. Hunting the I, according to Sri Ramana Maharshi. A book on spiritual queries. Download – Hunting the I – by Lucy Cornelssen. Lucy Cornelssen – ‘Hunting the ‘I’. DON’T FIGHT – JUST WATCH There is only one way to ovecome the ghost to watch it. Do not fight, do not.

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In a sense, speaking of Self-realisation lucj a delusion. Sri Ramana Maharshi says about these means: This method was already known to the ancient sages, but later neglected.

Remain as the meditator. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

And he cannot see it as long as both of them use different ways of perceiving. Actually, the interesting parallel does not at all stop at birth. codnelssen

Hunting the ‘I’: Lucy Cornelssen: : Books

The new and definitive disguise of his ego We can watch the ckrnelssen and going of the gunas and each time just make the best out of them. He noted it under the date of November 22, Although nearer to Pure Consciousness, it is not fit for efforts to realise the Self. This silence is more vast and more emphatic than all the sastras put together This is the way to become a gunatita, one beyond the gunas. Another Voice of the Spirit of the land, lost in the sea, calling the spirit of the 20th century.


The correct state is to exclude thoughts of ourselves and all other thoughts. He knew he had simply to submit.

Keep very quiet and observe: Then all your vasanas are washed off and you are free. What will be the case if the same T grows up enormous? We may get at something later on and then shall return. Either cornlessen you will be free from misery. There is only One principle, Brahman, essence and substance of all and everything; diversity is merely appearance. I and God 65 There are distinct features related to the faculties and behaviour of earliest tribes, and later on to those of the Ice Age and those of the Stone Age.

The second stage was his life as a householder, after an early marriage, in which he carried out his duty to those around him and made his contribution to the collective.

Hunting The ‘I’

Until then question after question emerges, and Ramana Maharshi stood patiently day by day against the flood. This delusion must be removed. The instrument, brought forth by the Spirit of the ancient land, lost in the sea, to call the man of the 20th century, broke down on April 14th,destroyed by an incurable sarcoma.

The cosmic mind being not limited by the ego, has nothing separate from itself and therefore is only aware.

He should not read profane books nor live by any profession, nor indulge in polemics, nor take side in a partisan spirit, nor accept disciples, nor do much reading, which would divert his mind from his spiritual practice, nor make speeches, nor undertake any responsible work. Nandha Kumar rated it liked it Mar 25, Thus Spake Ramana People think that freedom moksba is somewhere yonder and should be sought out.


But behind his silence there was no motivation, no tap as at all.

Hunting The ‘I’ by Lucy Cornelssen

Was not the brother quite right? The opposite interpretation to Sankara was set forth by the Kanarese Brahmin Madhva. He must not utter falsehood. When he awoke in his Great Experience to the real ‘I’, the Self, he recognised once and for all that ‘personal I’ belongs to another dimension of consciousness than the true I.

Jnana-marga and bbakti-marga are one and the same.

It simply is conscious of itself as “I am”. Almost as often it is a matter of self-importance. Know, and not think, is the word! Usually it is similar to the aforesaid while you have to do some work: Alert Awareness, relentlessly focussing on the treacherous ego But according to Ramana Maharshi it means more i. Compact, easy to read, and effective in introducing the path of enquiry into the “I” self.

By remaining in contact with realised sages the man will gradually lose the ignorance until its removal is complete.