Items 1 – 10 of 22 Download free 3D files & 2D drawings – Mechanical anchor – Type HST. Ultimate-performance expansion anchor for cracked concrete. 2 Content. Anchor Types for temporary fastening of Diamond Equipment. ▫ HKD drop-in anchors. ▫ HST stud anchors. ▫ HUS3 screw anchor.

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No different loads are acting on individual anchors no eccentricity The values are valid for one anchor. Static mixer HIT M1.

Setting depths allows two options of embedment depths; HST allows single embedment depth only. To avoid this, it is recommended to use the anchor design software PROFIS anchor The design method is based on the following simplification: Aziz 1A.

HILTI – Free CAD models – Mechanical anchor – Type HST – TraceParts

Scot Jordan 9 months ago Views: Technical Assessment Body issuing the. Please refer to the publication in its entirety for complete details on this product. For detailed lead time information please contact your Hilti representative.

The calculated design loads are then on the save side: Anchorage depth jilti [mm] Non-cracked concrete Tensile NRu,m [kn] 15,9 17,0 26,6 23,7 33,2 35,1 52,5 68,1 79,7 -R [kn] 15,9 17,0 26,6 23,7 33,2 35,1 52,5 68,1 79,7 Shear VRu,m [kn] 14,5 23,0 24,8 35,7 37,2 57,2 58,1 88,1 98,7 -R [kn] 16,5 26,9 26,6 32,7 38,5 51,0 66,8 ,1 ,8 Cracked concrete Tensile NRu,m [kn] 10,0 12,1 15,9 16,9 26,6 25,0 37,5 48,5 53,1 -R [kn] 10,0 12,1 15,9 16,9 26,6 25,0 37,5 ihlti 53,1 Shear VRu,m [kn] 14,5 23,0 24,8 35,7 37,2 57,2 58,1 88,1 98,7 -R [kn] 16,5 26,9 ahchor 32,7 38,5 51,0 66,8 ,1 ,8 Characteristic resistence Anchor size M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 M24 Eff.


The system includes More information.

Please consider your environmental responsibility before using the hard copy version! Push-in anchor, Anchor version Carbon steel with lip -S R Carbon steel, stainless steel with lip -E R Carbon steel, stainless steel without lip Benefits – simple and well proven – approved, tested and.

For detailed lead time information please contact your Hilti 3 representative. Trutek Fasteners Polska Al.

Hilti’s Versatile & High Performance Anchors

April 1, until: Construction requirements hilhi concrete bases. To whom it may concern 2 November Ref: Hilti is the perfect design solution for all safety relevant application for non-cracked and cracked concrete under static, seismic and shock loading.

Products offered by Hilti include powder-actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring — construction lasers and sensors, firestop — passive fire resistance, screw fastening and adhesive and mechanical anchoring. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Liechtenstein Name of Factory: For structures subject to external More information. Best shear resistance with no compromise on ductility with the premium bolt material and cold forming technology.


Anchor Fastening, Edition Significantly higher loads can be achieved at the same embedment depth hilit application on thinner slabs jst approved.

Anchor, Stud Safety HST-HCR, Pack=10

To download the most updated submission folders and technical manuals, visit Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees and gallons of water. The method may also be applied for anchor groups with more than two anchors or more than one edge.

For structures subject to external exposure.

The system More information. The influencing factors must then be considered for each edge distance and spacing. These influencing factors must be considered for every edge distance. Revision of calculation can be carried anhor by Hilti Profis Anchor software or as per Hilti anchor design manual. Drilling methods Three different drilling methods as below are approved to be used in system, while only hammer drilling can be used in HST system.

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