Download Owner’s Manuals. Portable Keyboards/Organs. SK Series · SK Supplement – Using the USB Port · Quick Start to SK Operating System · Quick Start to. HAMMOND XK2 MANUAL — | PDF | 36 Pages | KB | 19 Oct, If you want to possess a one-stop search and find the proper manuals. This is in real good condition, works perfectly. complete w/ original expression pedal, all cables & owners manual nice portable electric draw bar.

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The XK3 pisses all over the XK2 from a great, great height.

Hammond XK-2 Quick Features Manual

While the Leslie sim is not as good as the Electro or CX-3, it’s not that bad, and I would not hesitate to use it, as is. Drawbars Drawbars a few words of explanation about the Drawbars themselves are in order.

Your new preset is now saved. If you get into the programming guts of the XK-3 and hammpnd with the mike angles and add some chorus, it sounds pretty damn good. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The data chart below shows the options available. These Leslie Presets can then be assigned to Presets. I tend not to like those things. This makes it easier to make all your mqnual during one editing session.

Vast improvement over the XK Arguments about Leslie sims really get me. There are manuual on XK-3’s on E-bay right now. Any degree of detachment is sufficient.

In this way, both the XK-2 and the external sound source can be heard through the same speaker system. This is manua, if you have a piece of music written in one key but which needs to sound in another key. Important Safety Instructions “AC” wall receptacle is not faulty.


Join the HC Newsletter. This data CAN be stored to a Preset.

Hammond XK2 and XK3 | Harmony Central

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Plug the other end of the Power Cord into an A. The Information Center Display should look similar to this: Rotary Control allows you to control the total or maximum mnual of Overdrive. The sound is far superior, and to my ears anyway the digital leslie is a bit better done.

Hammond XK2 and XK3

I was at the Hammond tech’s shop a couple weeks ago, he let me play an A and I was blown away by the sound of the chorus- haven’t heard anything like that on a clone yet but the Electro’s sounds pretty cool Does manal new Hammond stuff really get that sound? I am sure there will be no problems, but if there is, my moderation team will take action. It has an incredibly robust keyboard. The XK-3 comes alive through a real rotary and really needs this – not a reason to bash the keyboard, but an added component that is essential to get the optimal playing and listening experience.


Hold down middle “C” on the manual. For example, you could have Piano on one part of the keyboard, Strings playing from another part of the keyboard, Wood Bass from another area of the keyboard and Trumpet from still another portion of the keyboard. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Brown Drawbars With the Hammond Organ Drawbars, a touch of a finger is all that is needed to make the tone quality softer or more brilliant, richer in one harmonic or another.


Originally posted by pink floyd cramer IMO the hardest thing to nail about the Hammond sound is the chorus. I am glad you got a chance to play an A Transpose This Advanced Feature allows you to shift the musical key of the entire instrument.

This information is only displayed for a short time. A special order that someone did not pick up. Quite practical manuao the kinds of gigs that I do. These Zones allow you to control additional sounds from the XK-2 keyboard, thereby giving your XK-2 the ability to function as a MIDI Master Controller for a sequencer, sound modules, or whatever you wish. Lower Manual would be played by the left hand. Locate two audio cables with ” Try to get one or demo one.

There are approximately , possible sound combinations that can be produced hammojd these Drawbars. Percussion Touch Any degree of detachment is sufficient.

My problem is that people compare clone to clone. I was not able to really afford it either but got a good deal that I could not refuse. For more information about this function, see page Originally posted by pdUdE These are family forums, and many young kids come here and read them.

It is actually quite popular with me, but I don’t own one at this point. Don’t even consider the XK2 unless you really don’t care about your organ sound. Originally posted by pink floyd cramer Does the new Hammond stuff really get that sound?