This manual provides guidance for planning and executing training on the mm Mseries rifle (M16A1/A2/A3/A4) and M4 carbine. It is a guide for. M16/A2 and M4 FM Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Department of the Army. (, August). Rifle marksmanship M/M4-series weapons (FM ). Washington, DC: Author. Dyer, J. L., Schaefer, P. S., Bink, .

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Novice firers can take five seconds to perform an adequate trigger squeeze, but, as skills improve, he can squeeze the trigger in a second or less. Therefore, it is imperative the soldier receives feedback regarding his firing results and his use of the fundamentals during collective live-fire exercises.

What is the hit distribution during collective LFXs? The 1 0-meter boresight target is a 1 -centimeter grid system with a marksmannship and a circle. The Four Fundamentals To assume this position, the soldier faces his target, spreads his feet a comfortable distance apart, and drops to his knees. Alignment of msrksmanship rifle with the target is critical. The coach is valuable in checking factors the firer is unable to observe for himself and in preventing the firer from repeating errors.

FM Table of Contents

Do the staff and subordinates support this priority? To lock bolt markssmanship, pull charging handle rearward. Have you clearly stated that weapons qualification or record fire is one of the commander’s opportunities to assess several skills relating to small-arms readiness? Requires burying in the ground, dumping in streams or marshes, or scattering so widely as to preclude recovery of essential parts. What is the value of a recorded zero? Soldiers markemanship perform a function check on their weapon refer to TM 0.


Soldiers are taught peer coaching techniques and responsibilities IAW this manual. Alternate Qualification Courses FM Conduct of Field-Fire Range If the M68 fails, the prezeroed BIS can be flipped up and marksmansyip to continue the mission. Soldiers should avoid long-term use of percent tracer rounds, which could cause deposits of incendiary material, or chemical compounds that could damage the barrel.

The half- moon spacer should not be installed but, if installed, it will not hinder firing performance.

He must scan the sector and apply detection skills and range estimation skills. Press bottom of bolt catch and allow bolt to move forward until it engages bolt catch. It provides for an effective transition between meter firing and firing on the field-fire range. The training strategy for basic rifle marksmanship begins in IET and continues in the unit. The M blank cartridge has no projectile. For further technical information, refer to TM and TM Failures to eject can also be caused by a buildup of carbon or fouling on the ejector spring or extractor, or from short recoil.

Back-Up Iron Sight Once installed and zeroed, the BIS should be left in the stowed position for best durability and minimal interference unless its use is eminent Figure All trainers must attend, then conduct, all phases of the train-the-trainer program. Unless otherwise stated, whenever the masculine gender is used, both men and women are included.

FM 3-22.9 Rifle Marksmanship M16A1, M16A2/3, M16A4, M4 CARBINE

Marking Targets Ensure M16A1 rear sight is set on the aperture marked L. As a minimum, formal records should document program progression for each trainer. The results of this review are recorded and maintained on a trainer’s progression sheet, which is designed in accordance with the unit’s SOP.


Shot-group analysis begins with the instructor- trainer observing the soldier while he fires.

It can be used on the M16A2 rifle, M4 carbine, and M4 modular weapon system. The unit normally performs a diagnostic test of the tasks and only conducts training on specific periods for soldiers who must improve their basic firing skills. He then moves to various points around the firer sides and rear to check the correctness of the firer’s position. Ensure the rail grabber fully rests on the bracket when mounting the TWS or the sight will not retain zero. The M does not have a steel penetrator.

His job is to impart knowledge and to assist the soldier rigle he can gain the practical experience needed to become a good firer. He should explain that this shot group size is not due to weapon or ammunition performance.

Insert the mounting knob assembly through the hole in the carrying handle and screw it firmly clockwise into the sight-mounting adapter. Marksmanship Fundamentals I training program continued.

Qualification Training Moving Target Live-Fire Exercise The placement of shots in marksmanzhip groups about 4 to 5 centimeters apart on the target reflects considerable shooting error. The procedures to determine and eliminate rifle and firer deficiencies follow.

Individual Foxhole Supported Firing Position.