Buy Eurotherm PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Relay, 85 → V ac Supply Voltage /CC/VH/ENG/F Browse our latest. Find great deals for Eurotherm I Temperature Controller With Mounting Bracket. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The i/i are compact high performance 4 digit units for measurement Model i: 48W x 48H x D mm. Display: .. Modbus®, Eurotherm ASCII.

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Always set to Control type Selecting. You are now in Edit level. A suitable fuse is EN type T. The logic can be configured as eurotheerm alarm output or as an alarm acknowledge input. If the alarm is disabled, or or will be shown. Under fault conditions such a supply eurohterm rise above Vac with respect to ground and the product would not be safe. Isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean labels.

Repeat for all the parameters you wish to hide or uerotherm readonly then return to operator level: The factory default is 2. Tactile buttons ensure positive operation. Digital output Function O! With a live sensor, all cables, connectors and switches for connecting the sensor and non-isolated inputs and outputs must be mains rated. The benefits of two-leg versus three leg power control, eurother three phase heating applications. The indicator is supplied configured according to the ordering code given on page 5.


The following safety symbols are used on the controller: You will eventually return to the list heading. The HOME display will be blank and only alarm messages will be flashed The button steps through parameter list headings. O6 Continued in next column Return for repair Low display range exceeded: Universal input selection Two configurable outputs Three internal alarm setpoints Heater failure detection Tactile buttons Customized operator interface.

Press and together to return to the HOME display. Press to enter configuration level. Alarm 1 is active eurother, it is a Low alarm.

Alarm 2 BBB or to Press change the setpoint. Mechanical Details Cut-out dimensions Click to enlarge. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

The rear terminals screws should be tightened to 0. Stuck button, or a button was pressed during power up. Check input signal If an alarm has been disabled, it will not appear in this list.

Only applies to software version 1. The latest release of firmware for the nanodac features batch records.

Alarms can be ‘blocked’ on start-up to prevent unnecessary operator alerts. Customer support Technical helpdesk.

2100i Indicator & Alarm Unit

This is normally alarm 2 or 3. When plugging the indicator back into its sleeve, ensure that the latching ears click into place to maintain the IP65 sealing. All isolated inputs and outputs have reinforced insulation to protect against electric shock.

Press and 65 Instrument list Options to select a parameter to change the setting. Check the coding on the side labels to eurothrem the configuration of your particular indicator.


There are three alarm setpoints. Where it is impractical to do this, use shielded cables with the shield grounded at both ends.

Eurotherm I Temperature Controller With Mounting Bracket | eBay

Following a 3 second self-test sequence, you will see the display shown below. Safety Symbols For the above reason the indicator should not be wired to a three phase supply with an unearthed star connection.

Pyrometer to to Process inputs linear M Return for repair Power failure. Check input signal High display range exceeded: Alarm Ack input Logic only D Functions: Spring the panel retaining clips into place. Voltage rating Cleaning The maximum continuous voltage applied between any connection and ground must not exceed Vac. Return for repair Error 2: If, at any time, no key is pressed within 45 seconds, the display will always return to the HOME display. Press and release quickly the will be flashed for 0.

A parameter value has been corrupted. The first list is the alarm setpoints. D Digital output functions. Recommended minimum spacing of indicators in both sizes Panel cut-out OP1 48mm 1. Hinged covers prevent hands or metal making accidental contact with live wires.