Aos quinze dias deste fevereiro ocorre a Lua Nova, em 27°07′(graus e minutos) de Aquário tropical, iniciando mais um mês lunar, regido pela onda de. ESCUELA DE ESTUDIOS ASTROLÓGICOS Mª JESÚS MARTÍNEZ. ECLIPSES 11 13 22 13 Esc. [Total: n Australia, s Pacific]. LUNA. Pen. . May 20, PM Sun 0 Gem 20 Conjunct Moon 0 Gem 20(SE) June 4, AM Sun 14 Gem 14 Opposition Moon 14 Sag 14(LE) Nov 13, 5:

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Retorno Lunar – Nuevo: Mantenimiento – Varios problemas menores solucionados. Corrija el problema menor del software.


Just enter a value. Posiciones actuales de los planetas.

It is a truly professional tool in the palm of your hand. Compatibilidad Requiere iOS In-App Purchase para obtener 4 asteroides adicionales: Soporte para iPad Pro multitarea y deslizarse sobre.

Ephemerides – Ephemeris for Year – Astrology, Horoscopes online

Please be aware that you can create ephemeris files also on the page “Extended Chart Selection”. Being able to meet someone, create a chart for them and then send them an email or text of that chart in moments is so amazing!


Ephemeris “hoy” barra no se muestra correctamente. The ephemeris files may be downloaded and printed for private use only. We found sooo many errors in it that we opted to avoid it.

If you require additional years for special purposes, please send an email to webmaster explaining your needs and we will try to fulfill reasonable wishes. As it is I can do the mental calculations well enough on the fly, but the usefulness of the app is one of its strongest suits and I think that addition would broaden its usefulness to a wider body of astrologers.

Decile 36Septile Use a “long press” on any chart in the list to clear previously selected and select that one. Swiss Ephemeris is a highly precise ephemeris toolbox available as source code and as a DLL. I hope this developer stays at it for a long, long time. Please buy this app, and support this dev!!! The ephemeris lookup tool is so useful, and the sky now feature with the ability to easily move that or any chart backwards or forwards by weeks or minutes is an invaluable means of really seeing the ebb and flow of transits.

Highly recommend this app for the mobile astrologer. Hygiea, Astraea, Eris, Sedna.


Entrada de fecha manual en el editor de wfemerides de regreso lunar. It does natal charts, synastry, bi-wheels, tri-wheels, progressed charts, solar and lunar returns.

Crash en los dispositivos que utilizan el calendario budista. Novedades Historial de actualizaciones Historial de actualizaciones Each ephemeris file covers one year and prints on six pages, with two months per page.

Swiss Ephemeris for Users

The current popular “on-board” time zone database used by other Evemerides is notorious for errors. We think this is a worthwhile price to pay for the accuracy available from internet based time-zone databases.

You will love it!!!! Ephemeris Saltar a la fecha – Corregido: Tabla de Elementos, Cruces, Reglas y Dignidades. For years marked with ‘j’ like j the Ephemeris is in the Julian Calendar, otherwise it is in the Gregorian Calendar. Clasificar Puntos medios por signo o planeta.