As EconoBead filters are pressure vessels, the pump sits before the filter, . WATER SAVING DRAIN: The EconoBead filters EB40/50/60 come standard with a. UltraBead-EconoBead Pond Filtration, Absolute Koi, Koi Supplies – Koi dealer – Koi Ponds – Koi Pond 60 x 85 cm, ltr – Gallons, 14m³/h – gph. The EconoBead Beadfilters have a strong quality polypropylene vessel and are equipped as Econobead Performance Table Econobead Bead Filter EB

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Beads for EB filter material 25 Kg 40 Ltr. During this time the beads and debris is dispersed throughout the interior of the EconoBead filter.

It is impossible to get every little bit of debris out of a filter and this causes these minute particles to exit in the waste line instead of going back into the pond. Econnobead including fittings, pipes and check valve. In this position we let the pump run until the water in sight glass is clear normally 1 to 2 minutes. Nexus Upgrade kit.

Unlike the most of the traditional multi-chamber filters we do not only regard pond capacity but also to the future fish load. The two most common types of bacteria are, Eeconobead which is responsible for the break down of ammonia in the system. Kockney Koi Mega Filters. Aqua Drum 35 These products are fitted complete on a plastic pallet.

When the bacteria are given the proper environment, they grow in a thin bio film on the surface of each bead. Advantages Excellent price-quality ratio High-quality PE housing 5 models for ponds that are approx. A multi-way valve econobrad washing, rinsing, filtration, recirculation, etc. EconoBead and How does this filter work?


Econobead Beadfilter

After you become sconobead with the backwash process you can accomplish the backwash cycle completely in about 4 or 5 minutes. The filter EconoBead is like econobeadd big brothers, a filter that combines both mechanical filtration econkbead biological purification: Econo-Bead 60 filter and Aqua Sieve Midi Package deal Ideal package for ponds of aprox gallons or ltrs package comes complete with EconoBead 60 filter and an Aqua sieve Large which comes with a lid included in the price Aqua Sieves offer far greater flow rates than any other similar model Package Contents Econo Bead 60 inc blower,beads and multi port valve and pipe work for this.

The other big advantage the bead filters have over other types of filters is that they are much easier to clean. Every pond is different; however most people find that backwashing needs to be ecknobead once or twice a week. This thick mattress of beads floats and forms a barrier that retains particles from the pond water.

Please Remember All our pices include V. Move multiport valve to rinse. The blower is also equipped with a silencer.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter: How does a bead filter perform Bio filtration? Turn pump on and run until backwash water is clear. It is possible to dispense with a prefilter if the size of the filter is oversized, to be washed daily in season and to limit the volume of the basin econonead 20 m3.

Manufactured by the manufacturer of the UltraBead, this EconoBead range is the most interesting and perfectly meets the expectations of people who want filtration at Eco prices! Most compact pond filter on the market. The water enters the EconoBead filter from the top spray bar Fconobead and exits the vessel at A and goes out to waste.

What is the theory behind bead filter operation? It can be positioned below the water level: Econobead bypass Kit for Europe? Keep it open for seconds, and then shut it.


Econo Bead 60 Filter system

Advantages Bypasses the six-way valve during filtration Less pressure loss as the water enters and leaves the filter directly in a straight line Makes the use of energy-efficient pumps possible Easy to fit on all EconoBead filters.

So an internet search should yield results for one in your surrounding. The surface needed to install this filter is reduced: The heavier particles are deposited at the bottom of the filter.

This guarantees a maximum flow with minimal pressure loss.

EconoBead Filter

Ideally swimming pool pumps ecconobead the Whisperflo are very suitable. Follow Us facebook twitter youtube mail. Bead filters have been tested at various universities around the country, including Louisiana State University and Langston University in Oklahoma. Move multiport valve to backwash mode. What pump do I use with my filter?

Bead Filters

In filter mode, water enters the filter through the bottom screen Arises in the filter, and passes through the floating bead mat. The advantage of the bead filter is that it provides a home for beneficial bacteria with high surface area for a large colony per cubic foot and fine particulate straining all within the same vessel.

A bead filter can easily be operated manually using the six-way valve. ProfiDrum Eco Drum Filter. Other filtration systems accomplish these goals, but ceonobead much larger and more difficult to clean. The filter system consists of: The water comes out of the filter from the top via the strainer C which holds the beads.