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Still, much better than the stock Maxc radio. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Upper A-arm’s length is adjustable, allow serious racers like you to fine tune camber. Also fits the Original E-maxx.


Comparing wheelbases distance between the front and rear axles is a guaranteed method of checking a shell will look ‘right’ when installed as a large overhang at the front of rear should be avoided. Besides some simple rewiring that may be required KershawDesigns. Be that as it may, it is quite an impressive looking setup to have installed on your Emaxx and is quite simple to achieve.

Their resting voltage is 3.

Generally though, the motors pull a continuous current of about amps or thereabouts, so the battery wont see very high drain rates for the whole run, otherwise it would soon over-heat and ‘puff’. The downside is that they are limited to mah or so of capacity, so ideally should be ran in a parallel formation such as 5s2p 2 five cell packs connected in parallel to double the Mah capacity but maintain the same voltage as 5 cells.

Skid plates The stock skids do a good job of protecting the underside of the truck, but the front and rear skids also work to tie the bulkheads and chassis braces together, and a stronger material than plastic is required ideally the mild-steel brace between the skid and the bulks does very little for rigidity. As such, these motors are an ideal option for bashers who don’t need maximum performance but are on a tighter budget.

Bolt both motors to the transmission, and connect the escs to the receiver rx throttle channel via the servo Y-harness. You will therefore http: The shocktowers are known to snap in these upside-down-truck situations, and the quick fix is to use some zip-ties to hold the broken halves together. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Oct 06, To ensure even discharging on each system, it is a nice idea to use a parallel harness.


Best solution is to upgrade the slipper- there are a few options out there such as the Robinson Racing double disc slipper, or the extremely rare Strobe sprong.

Lithium batteries have much lower IR levels and so do not overheat or droop their voltage output under such strain provided they are of a suitable specification. Low profile towers are good for racing setups to lower the CoG Center of Gravitythough you will need shorter shocks ideally. Traxxas Radio Control Toy Vehicles. Please see new Castlelink page for indepth info on how to use this device and the best settings: These hexes have a unique design to them with what are essentially teeth on each side of the hex; these match the hex pattern on the 3.

Dual brushless kv motors. But be warned, One mighty not be enough. The DX3r is the most advanced model Spektrum sell and is highly coveted by serious racers;- the lower end radios will be fine for most bashers needs.

33906 This also gives the truck a wider stance as a small bonus. This Traxxas truck has nylon tires, which ensure performance f when you race in the roughest and muddiest conditions. Turns the E-Maxx into a completely different machine running on lipo’s I run dual mAh 2S lipo’s and get around mins run time maybe a little more- 30 mins if I’m taking it really easy on the truck.

Traxxas T-maxx shock towers and body mounts. Ideally, you will buy a charger that can handle both lithium based and Nimh cells, that way you are ready for a lipo or A upgrade in the future without having to buy a new charger. They have a nominal resting voltage of 3.

This truck is in great shape with many upgrades. The Traxxas E-Maxx is equipped with an oil-filled ultra shock absorber system to ensure stability on rugged surfaces. Thank you for looking at my auction here we have a brand new set of Traxxas X Blue aluminum lower chassis braces sealed in the original traxxas packaging these are for the E-maxx and T-maxx A perf And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc.

Simple solution is to tighten the slipper fully, though this does add more stress to the driveline resulting in broken driveshafts and diffs. RPM also sell a new design of rear suspension arms for Maxx trucks that eliminates the turn buckles True-Trac suspension – these use new style driveshafts use a longer screw and nyloc nut when mounting the shocks as RPM plastic is quite flexible and can cause the screws to strip out more easily from teh suspension arms.


Durability is great and if and when you do break something the replacement part s are cheap!! Shock Absorbers One of the most import areas on any vehicle is the suspension, which determines how well the truck handles.

The advantage here is that a larger hex diameter is less prone to stripping out inside the wheel- you will obviously require a wheel or rim that uses the same size hex as the one on the truck. You will need motor or motors and esc and 3 channel Aluminium skids are good, but they tend to bend rather than flex in a crash; FLM aluminium skidplates are quite sturdy it must be said though- using those in conjunction with some RPM bumpers would protect the front end from damage in all but the worst head-on crashes.

Higher mah will mean longer runtime, higher voltage will mean greater topspeed, and a higher discharge rate will mean more punch along with more consistent topspeed and acceleration.

E-maxx clutch headset and wheel choice

Has the traxxas aluminum shocks with gold shafts. Besides the idler gears, another common point of failure is the small 396 which holds the metal input gears onto the input shaft same shaft as the spur gear mounts to the end of outside the tranny case. Traxxas Teflon Washers 6×9. Only downfall is the batteries it comes with new.

Emaxx 3906

This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR. The two speed transmission in the Traxxas E-Maxx ensures quick acceleration and high speed.

There are a great many brands out there, so choosing the best for your needs is somewhat tricky sometimes.