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From current-voltage measurements, we find that, for n- GaAs, transport occurs by both thermionic emission and tunneling, with the former dominating at low forward bias and the latter dominating at higher forward bias. Test structures were made by binding alkyl chain molecules via Si-O-C bonds to oxide-free n-Si surfaces, using self-assembly.

With the dichroic mirror simultaneous excitation of a medium-efficient Additionally, PCFF molecular mechanics studies were used to obtain information on the optimal packing density and the layer thickness, which were compared to the experimentally found data.

Subsequently, the suitability of the VND structures for transport measurements on proteins was investigated by functionalizing the devices with cytochrome c protein from solution, thereby providing non-destructive, permanent semiconducting contacts to the proteins.

A mechanism for the metal-to-perovskite conversion is suggested. The toolbox of preparation procedures for halide perovskites grows rapidly. This compensation can be understood by viewing the Az binding site as an electron trap, unless occupied by Cu IIas in the native protein, with conduction of the native protein setting the upper transport efficiency limit. This presents a new tool for studying electron-phonon coupling and charge dynamics in bio molecular materials.

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From these conclusions, we present a more detailed hypothesis about the reaction pathway than has yet been proposed: Specifically, it highlights that lone-pair electrons in the binding atom facilitate hybridization between the aromatic system and the Si substrate, resulting in a significant induced density of interface states IDIS. The coverage of the resultant bR monolayer was significantly increased by changing the pH of the purple-membrane suspension from 9.


Differences in effects between surface terminations by sulfide, selenide and oxide were analyzed. Alternatively, the Taylor expansion view, TyEx, of transport by tunneling suggests that conductance-voltage curves have approximately a generic parabolic shape, regardless of whether the tunneling model is derived from an average medium view e. This compensation can be understood by viewing the Az binding site as an electron trap, unless occupied by Cu IIas in the native protein, with conduction of the native protein setting the upper transport efficiency limit.

Alkyl chain molecules on n-Si were used to test the concept of hybrid metal-organic insulator-semiconductor MOIS solar cells. The realization of high-quality optoelectronic properties in halide perovskite semiconductors through low-temperature, low energy processing is unprecedented.

In this study, positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy PALS is applied to investigate CdSe quantum dot QD light absorbing layers, providing evidence of positron trapping at the surfaces of the QDs.

NC-phenyl phosphonate, with a negative dipole, increases the WF by similar to meV. With such monolayers we study electron transport ETp via CytC, using a solid-state approach with macroscopic electrodes. There is cahwn dire need for low-cost cells of this type, to drive electrochemical reactions or as the high photon energy cell in a system with spectral splitting.

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This ‘twin-peaks’ profile is characteristic of a p-i-n solar cell, with philippd layer of low-doped, high electronic quality semiconductor, between a p-and an n-layer. We stress that electron and hole delocalization after photoinduced charge transfer at the interface is important for efficient free carrier generation. Charge separation at organic-organic O-O interfaces is crucial to how many organic-based optoelectronic devices function.

Mesoscopic dynami cells, based on solution-processed organic-inorganic perovskite absorbers, are a promising avenue for converting solar to electrical energy.

Furthermore, the DOS effect is due to averaging over molecules with different tilt angles and thus can be considered as indicator for the degree of orientational order within the SAM.

Optical characterization suggests that the junction photocurrents might be associated with a photochemically induced M-like intermediate of bR. Local electrical transport measurements with scanning probe microscopy on polycrystalline PX p-CuInSe2 and p-Cu In,Ga Se-2 films show that the photovoltaic and dark currents for bias voltages smaller than 1 V flow mainly through grain boundaries GBsindicating inversion at the GBs.


Simulation shows also that some interface states are present but that they have a negligible effect on Fermi level pinning. H thin films was examined. All in all, Dynamic Technical Analysis offers the reader a successful way for using technical analysis.

Notwithstanding the original motivation of MolEl, I-V traces are often not very sensitive to molecular details and then provide a poor probe for chemical information. Reproducible molecular junctions can be integrated within standard CMOS technology. Introducing an ultrathin spiro-MeOTAD buffer layer prevents the reaction, yet the altered evolution of the energy levels in the methylammonium lead iodide MAPbI 3 layer at the interface still negatively impacts device performance.

A vertical nanogap device VND structure comprising all-silicon contacts as electrodes for the investigation of electronic transport processes in bioelectronic systems is reported. Therefore, even for these simple molecular systems made up of what are considered to be inert molecules, the tunneling distance cannot be varied independently of other electrical properties, as is commonly assumed.

First, a broad introduction places NmJ in perspective to related fields of research and to single-molecule junctions imp in addition to a brief historical account.

Such phenomena are largely absent with Pd as evaporated contact. We report valence and conduction band densities of states measured via ultraviolet and inverse photoemission spectroscopies on three metal halide perovskites, specifically methylammonium lead iodide and bromide and cesium lead bromide MAPbI 3MAPbBr 3CsPbBr3grown at two different institutions on different substrates.