Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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A person a little more devachznic begins to have a short period of heaven-life on the lower levels, of coursebut still spends by far the greater part of his time, between incarnations, on the astral plane.

It should be remembered that every man passes through both these stages between death and birth, though the undeveloped majority have so little consciousness in either of [page 36] them as yet that they might more truly be said to dream through them.

It is true that the ultimate object of man’s evolution is the attainment of unity, but he must reach that final goal in full and perfect consciousness as a victorious king entering triumphantly upon his heritage, not drift into absorption in a state of blank unconsciousness but little removed from annihilation.

Precisely the same is true of the astral and mental planes. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Assuredly he has lost much by his disbelief.

Devachan – Wikipedia

Affection for family or friends takes many a man into the heaven-life, and so also does religious devotion; yet it would be a mistake to suppose that all affection or all devotion must therefore necessarily find its post-mortem expression there, for of cevachanic of these qualities there are obviously two varieties, the selfish and the unselfish — though it might perhaps reasonably be argued that it is only the latter kind in each case which is really worthy of the name.

It will be seen, therefore, that in the earlier stages of their evolution many of the backward egos never consciously attain the heaven-world at all, whilst a still larger number obtain only a comparatively slight touch of some of its lower planes. But these Manuals are not written only for the eager student, whom no initial difficulties can daunt; they are written for the busy men and women of the work-a-day world, and seek to make plain some of the great truths that render life easier to bear and death easier to face.

Besant’s Ancient Wisdompage 54, and footnote. Not only can he review at his leisure all history with which we are acquainted, correcting as he examines it the many errors and misconceptions which have crept into the accounts handed down to us; he can also range at will over the whole story of the world from its very beginning, watching the slow development of deachanic in man, the descent of the Lords of the Flame, and the growth of the mighty civilizations which they founded.

I can only repeat the assurance previously given in The Astral Plane that all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure accuracy. On the other hand, this phase of devotion, which consists essentially in the perpetual adoration of a personal [page 52] deity, must be carefully distinguished from those still higher forms which find their expression in performing some definite work for the deity’s sake.

Languages Italiano Polski Edit links. But all this will be more fully explained later, when we come to deal with the inhabitants of this celestial realm. Madame Blavatsky has stated in The Key to Theosophy that in some cases leabeater materialist has no conscious life in the heaven-world, since he did not while on earth believe in such a postmortem condition.

A striking characteristic of this sub-plane for the last few centuries has been the very large number of Romans, Carthaginians, and Englishmen to be found there — this being due to the fact that devahanic men of these nations the principal unselfish activity found its outlet through family affection, while comparatively few Hindus and Buddhists are here, since in their case real religious feeling usually enters more immediately into their daily lives, and consequently takes them to a higher level.


However, Devachan is a temporary, intermediate state of being before the soul’s eventual rebirth into the physical world. The relation of one plane to another is like that of one dimension to another ; no number of units of the lower dimension can ever equal one of the higher, and in just the same way no number of these manifestations could exhaust [page 48] the power of response in the ego above.

So decidedly is this the case, that probably not one in a thousand among ordinary clairvoyants ever reaches it at all; but on leadbeatsr rare occasions when it is so attained the clairvoyant, as before remarked, must be not only of exceptional development, but of devacbanic purity of life and purpose; and even when all these unusual characteristics are present there still remains the difficulty which an untrained psychic always finds in translating a vision accurately from the higher plane to the lower.

The Devachanic Plane

In an early letter from an eminent occultist the following beautiful passage was given as a quotation from memory. Nothing on lradbeater is like it, nothing can image it; if one could suppose the bounding life of childhood carried up into our spiritual experience and then intensified many thousand-fold, perhaps some faint shadow of an idea of it vevachanic be suggested; [page 12] yet even such a simile falls miserably short of that which lies beyond all words — the tremendous spiritual vitality of this celestial world.

Just as plwne first awakening in the morning one sometimes passes through a period of intensely delightful repose during which one is conscious of the sense of enjoyment, though the mind is as yet inactive and the body hardly under control so the entity awakening into the heaven-world first passes through a more or less prolonged period of intense and gradually increasing bliss before his full activity of consciousness on that plane is reached.

Its flower indeed “casts a root in the shadow of every earth,” for from every world man enters the corresponding heaven, and happiness such as no tongue may tell is the blossom which burgeons forth for all who so live as to fit themselves to attain it. The chief characteristic of this subdivision may be defined as devotion expressing itself in active work.

In one long undulating plsne it comes, and leadbeager sound of it is like the murmur of the sea ; and yet in it and through it all the while there echoes a mighty ringing chant of triumph — the very music of the spheres.

In a world whose characteristics are unselfishness and spirituality the black magician and his pupils can obviously find no place, since selfishness is of the essence of all the proceedings of the darker schools, and their study of occult forces is leadbewter for personal ends.

As above stated, the thought of strong affection produced a creature of glowing rose-colour; an intense wish of healing, projected towards a sick friend, called into existence a most lovely silvery-white elemental; while an earnest mental effort to steady and strengthen the mind of a depressed and despairing person resulted in the production of a beautiful flashing golden-yellow messenger. Devachan compound word; Sanskrit ‘deva’, gods, and the Devacyanic word lwadbeater Wylie: For every man has within himself matter belonging to every one of these planes, a vehicle corresponding to each, leadbsater which he can function upon it when he learns how this may be done.

This occult -related article is a stub. When the visitor to the mental plane succeeds in putting himself in this position he finds that although he is no longer himself a centre of radiation of all that marvellous wealth of light and colour, form and sound, which Dveachanic have so vainly endeavoured to picture, it has not therefore ceased to devacjanic on the contrary, its harmonies and its coruscations are but grander and fuller than ever.


He had therefore none of the depth of devotion which might have lifted him to the next sub-plane; but he had for his wife and family a warm affection in which there was a large element of unselfishness. Each physical globe has its physical plane including its atmosphereits astral plane, and its mental plane, all interpenetrating one another, and therefore occupying the same position in space, but all quite apart from and not communicating with the corresponding planes of any other globe.

Such a thought-form, again, might convey to its projector, by the magnetic relation between them, vibrations impressed fevachanic itself.

As he progresses the astral life grows shorter and the heaven-life longer, until when he becomes an intellectual and spiritually-minded person he passes through the astral plane with hardly any delay at all, and enjoys a long and happy sojourn on the more refined of the lower mental levels. There is no doubt, however, that such an experience as this, whether remembered in the physical body or not, would act as a distinct impulse to the spiritual evolution of the ego concerned.

These are evidently universal, and no shell which human power can make will check them or turn them aside.

She had evidently based her life upon the text, ” Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me,” and now in the heaven-world she leasbeater still carrying out to the fullest extent leaddbeater injunctions of her Lord, and was constantly occupied in healing the sick, in feeding leabeater hungry, and clothing and helping the poor — the peculiarity of the case being that each of those to whom she had ministered at once changed into the appearance of the Christ, whom she then worshipped with fervent devotion.

On this plane also the higher type of sincere and devoted missionary fevachanic finds expression. A more interesting case was that of a Spanish nun who [page 54] had died at about the age of nineteen or twenty. Varieties of Psychism by James Ingall Wedgwood. Not a difference, be it understood, that the mother could see; to her both appeared equally with her and equally all that she could possibly desire: The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some distance beyond the atmosphere.

In taking on that astral form the mental elemental lost much of its brilliancy, though its glowing rose-colour was still plainly visible inside the shell of lower matter which it had assumed, showing that just as the original thought ensouled the elemental essence of its own plane, so that same thought, plus its form as a mental elemental, acted as soul to the astral elemental— thus following closely the method in which the ultimate [page 23] spirit itself takes on sheath after sheath in its descent through the various planes and leafbeater of matter.

Another devachanci, who was a devvachanic of Shiva, had confounded the god with her husband, looking upon the latter as a manifestation of the [page 53] former, so that the one seemed to be constantly changing into the other.

So intense devachanc the feeling of reverent joy, so lofty and so spiritual were the thoughts evoked by the contemplation of this glorious scene, that the consciousness of the sleeper passed entirely into the mind-body — or, to put the same idea into other words, rose on to the mental plane.