The “Ruins of the Future”: Counter-Narratives to. Terrorism in the 9/11 Literature of Don DeLillo,. Jonathan Safran Foer, and Ian McEwan. Matthew Francis. Don DeLillo’s “In the Ruins of the Future”: Literature, Images, and the Rhetoric of Seeing 9/11 Author(s): Marco Abel Reviewed work(s): Source: PMLA, Vol. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Don DeLillo’s “In the Ruins of the Future”: Literature, Images, and the Rhetoric of Seeing 9/11 | This essay explores the.

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The artifacts on display represent the confluence of a number of cultural tides, patriotic and multidevotional and retro hippy. Pynchon’s casts negative dialectics as a criticaloperationthat suspends Legacy of Paranoiaand the Terrorismof Uncertaintyin resolution.

It was not all-out war, at least not yet. Two women on two planes, best of friends, who die together and apart, tower 1 and tower 2. This is what would kill them. This is his edge, his strength. They stayed in the corridor for a while, thinking there might be secondary explosions. Stories generating others and people running north out of the rumbling smoke and ash.

When the rolling smoke began moving downward, floor to floor. The other bypasses us. Others will od to have lost friends or relatives, although they did not.

Don DeLillo: the terror of Sept 11 | Books | The Guardian

The World Trade towers were not only an emblem of advanced technology but a justification, thw a sense, for technology’s irresistible will to realise in solid form whatever becomes theoretically allowable. For an excellent examination First published in Harper’s magazine, December She was pleading for help.


Cor- have been otherwise, that there is no intrinsicimportanceto inth, After the first euphoric days, coverage became limited. Instead of affirmingthe dialectical us- fecting transformationsin “us”that cannothelp versus-themrhetoricthatwas encroachingon the alteringthe thf of eradicating”them.

In contrast,response be- tari contend, an event is not of history i.

They waited, and began to feel safer, and went back to the apartment. Accordingly, the of terrorso well as to foreclose response-ability problemwith representationis not, as it was for that does not begin and end with what the view- Kant,thatit reduces reality that,e.

Operatingalongside and There are a hundredthousandstories criss- within television’s powerful perceptualappara- crossingNew York,Washington, andtheworld. Later a line began to form along the food counter.

He lives a certain kind deliolo apartness, hard and tight.

In the ruins of the future | Harper’s Magazine

Sheets of paper driven into concrete, according to witnesses. This is his edge, that he does not see her.

Garbage bags are everywhere in high, broad stacks.

Nealon and ColumbiaUP, Use it as what it is, a thing that kills. A scant number of pedestrians, some in dust masks, others just standing, watching, the indigenous people, clinging to walls and doorways, unaccustomed to traffic that doesn’t bring buyers ruihs sellers, goods and cash.

In the ruins of the future

Bazin thatmust be filled with dialecticallyorderedim- can thereforeclaim that the neorealist aesthetic ages arrangedfrom a preexistinghumanvantage stance “knowsonly immanence” The narrative ends in the rubble and it is left to us to create the counternarrative.

Many here describe the scene to others on cellphones. Time is scarcer now. The only locational guide the young woman needed was the Manhattan grid. Or they will die first, in the cockpit, in clean shoes, according to instructions in the letter. If others in less scientifically advanced cultures were able to share, wanted to share, some of the blessings of our technology, without a threat to their faith or traditions, would they need to rely on a God in whose name they kill the innocent?


I’d just turned the corner, heading south to meet some friends, and there she was, young and slender, in a bright silk headscarf. It is the presumptive right of those who choose violence and death to speak directly to God.

TheAddress of the Eye: The film offers for not be representedjustly but thatit allows for a our perceptionimages thatdo not furtherour ca- positive entity to exist beyond phenomenalrep- pacity to see the event in a manner different resentation i.

ffuture We use information technology and tools to increase productivity and facilitate new forms of scholarship. For more on this theirongoing eventness. Six days after the attacks, the territory below Canal Street is hedged with barricades. But paranoiais just another these selves have yet to be produced: Marco Abel Reviewed work s: