Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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To ensure stability at the higher feedback levels required for the 10V, V, and V ranges; C73 is switched in by Q32 to decouple M22 non-inverting input, further reducing the open loop gain.

The voltage produced is fed to the AC converter via connector J1 pin 11 and applied to varicap D The circuit utilizes the propagation delays inherent in M54 and M55 approx.

Thus a signal of approximately 3. Guard is connected to Lo using a copper shorting 1061x. Full text of ” Datron: Datgon becomes an active terminal in resistance meas- urements. Turn rear panel key switch to RUN. The display block selection is achieved by decoding these 4 lines into 16 bits using Mil.

SMHz for 50Hz line, 1. Sandwich, Illinois, United States.

Datron: Datron a Service Manual complete with schematics and partlist

The major system eatron consists of the range, function, resolution, filter, ratio, autorange, etc. Sell one like this. Select filter, and leave to settle for at least 30 seconds. Reference should be made to circuit diagram numbersheet 1, for the complete circuit.


This means for example that calibration directly to a standard cell is possible. Therefore it only has a significant effect on the low DC voltage ranges and high resistance Ohms ranges. Limit stores and computation stores. Add to Watch list.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

Select 10 kilohm range, 4-wire. Apply IV, 50kHz and adjust C84 for a display reading of 1. These side extrusions provide both slots for the 10061a or rack mounting ‘ears’ and locating points for the structural foam covers. Locate the link s connecting the split primary on the prirrted circuit board in front of the toroidal line transformer.

The free running clock M13, R3, R5, C16, produces a 2kHz signal Ml to drive a 4-bit binary counter, M8, which provides the control of the address lines in the read mode See Fig.

Thus the input current correction datdon floated on the bootstrap supply, tracking the input signal is divided by R84 to R and R to null the bias current of the preamplifier. At the end of each reading cycle the count is read 10611a the MPU, pro- cessed and displayed.

The calibration procedures presented in the following pages should cater for most calibration situations.

Datron products, number andare available as ‘Lin’ and ‘Ib’ sources and are recommended. The A – D section converts the scaled input signal to a time period proportional to the signal using a modified triple slope technique. Q8 connects the preamplifier directly to the output. Thus the inputs to the ‘Ratio Input’ on the rear panel are connected to the measurement cir- cuits. B Test 21 3. Note that M10, M9 and M4 are chopper-stabilized amplifiers to handle the low signal voltages.


The final step is to reselect DC as described above. As mentioned in the ‘Procedure Outline’ for a manual calibration, the rear panel address switch should be set to 31, i. Remove the lower cover. This signal contains about mV peak to peak high frequency noise.


The pulse is fed back to M47 via M to step on the sequencer. Once the data has been extracted from the main counter the set-up procedure is then repeated to await a further trigger. Therefore the frequency of the Master Clock is increased or decreased to be an exact multiple of the mains frequency. To determine which options are fitted the Digital assembly sends a series of messages across the isolation barrier, decodes catron on the analog side and gates them with lines from the option assemblies to feed a signal back across the isolation barrier to the micro-processor.

I5;s 75 9 gois.