Dynamic Forms Demonstration 18 – Offering Payment Options to Users using . This demonstration illustrates advanced workflow functionality within Dynamic. However with Dynamic Forms or Dynamic Registration tokens should be encapsulated inside of ‘$(Token)’. So if you’re passing a Token into a.

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Every one of the modules I’ve purchased from these guys has worked dataspriings well and when there are issues they are totally helpful even if the issue This module works perfectly! New styling features to create the look and feel that you want Use the new panels and tabs for a more compact, user-friendly layout. Thanks Chad and Candace for all of your help and for never saying “it’s not our problem.

The module offers great dyhamic in its ability to very quickly allow the user to create forms and post submit actions that range from the very simple e. Displaying full image, thumbnail, or thumbnail with full image as link Listbox field: This is the step that will force your event to only fire for new submissions, and not insert duplicate records when you are wanting to edit or delete the entry.

Dynamic Forms 7.0

This module did it all. New Save For Later feature offers distinct functions separate from the regular full submission. For example, when it comes to aligning elements on a form, you can only do so much via the interface.


What if I have several portals on the same DNN installation? Great product with features being pushed to the edge. Checkbox field types – now display text to the left or right of checkbox fields. The latest version is packed In the image below, we are creating datssprings email event that will go off if the user chooses to pay by credit card.

Show More Perfect to work as it is!!!. You can demo the PDF completion event here. I started building this in XMod, however the ability to do complex multi-field calculations based on user input in seconds from the form question edit page meant that I was able formd meet the time line which was not realistic datas;rings begin with! Show More Fantastic product! Using a combobox dropdown field type, you can now allow users dataslrings add their own response if it is not among the options available.

I’d been working on a site with Joomla as the CMS for over 3 months and was not at all happy with the results of the user registration flow. Fantastic SQL intergration, creative question events and many great options for what happens when the user hits ‘submit’.

This allows you to set up a truly professional portal, withe endless possibilities for storing user related data. This Software is subject to a limited warranty. Couple years ago, their website, their support forum was fast responses and professionally. Dynammic, mapping images to the DNN Photo profile property is easier than ever!

  DD1 06E PDF

However when you try this it does not act as you would expect. You have a nice portfolio of modules we will be looking at. We were able to use this to create forms to write to our own custom set of tables outside of DNN.

Dynamic Forms – DotNetNuke Forms Module

New Question Event to automatically submit the form upon firing — takes the place of the submit button when conditions are met! This is “the” module to have. I had patch made available within hours of notifying them of my problem and they stayed with me until the job was done.

I found the module easy to install and would say that tech support is responsive. I have been with dynamic registration for a couple of upgrades and this module is awesome!

Data Springs, Inc. – dynamic forms

The product is great, and with a little practice, becomes very intuitive to use. Everything seems to be working It helped a lot to view the DNN Creative instructional videos along with it.

The support is super fast and extremely helpful. Show More Dynamic Registration is both robust and flexible.

Dynamic Registration 7.3

Please see our Upgrade Policy for details. What kinds of customers will need the Developer License? Please keep up the great work.