Mary Noel Streatfeild OBE (24 December –11 September ), was an English author, best known for children’s books including the “Shoes” books, which were not a series. Random House, the U.S. publisher of the novel Ballet Shoes (). : Dancing Shoes (The Shoe Books) (): Noel Streatfeild: Books. Three orphan girls. A pair of pink slippers. A lifetime in the spotlight. Read the classic that has captivated generations! Pauline, Petrova, and Posy love their quiet.

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Streatfeild’s noeo families undoubtedly influenced my ideas of what can and should be “family”, and her portrayal of the business of art gave me a more realistic idea of artistry from the outset. Although she was considered the plain one she ended up leading the most glamorous and exciting life! And he never goes to see Dulcie’s performances; instead, he wanders off to paint by himself. As a person who takes very good care of her books, having one in this condition is a testament of how often it was read.

Overall, a charmingly told tale of sisterhood, woven around the much-loved theme of dancing.

Dancing Shoes by Noel Streatfeild | : Books

Children and teenagers Children’s books: View all 9 comments. Children’s literature portal Arts portal. I feel like Streatfield can’t have ever met any useful, strong-minded fathers. Jan 15, Sadie Bernier rated it it was amazing. Also one of the girls in the story is adopted and at first I was uncomfortable about many characters’ assumptions about adoption but thankfully not all characters held these assumptions even if that was the social norm of streatveild time period.


Smith streatfrild live together and not be married.

Noel Streatfeild

So we had watched it a million time, give or take. It is a story about impact, about the value of that impact, and about making your mark on a world who barely notes you exist.

Jun 20, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: We met on an online pen-pal forum. Personally, I like it a tiny bit better than Ballet Shoes. I probably would of loved it as a girl.

shoed Apr 03, Yvensong rated it really liked it Shelves: She can’t dance, and she’d rather die than wear the ruffly costume. When I was little I liked Rachel a lot better, I’m not sure why. It’s the usual lovely Shoe story, but the only fly in the ointment is major for me.

Noel Streatfeild – Wikipedia

The book ends with Pauline going off to Hollywood to make a film, accompanied by Sylvia. Robert Balfour Wardlaw Ramsay. Misunderstandings and a spoiled cousin come together for a tale full of high drama. Although her characters live in a pre-Depression era, the book was written inso hard work, thrift and charity are continuously held up as virtuous traits – though Streatfeild is never didactic, and never preachy.


Now, reading this as an adult, it is less enjoyable, but that’s okay. Simpson in the story, Petrova would likely be left out of a lot shows what happens in Ballet Shoesbut happily that isn’t the case.

It is only when lodgers are taken in that the three young girls lives begin to change and they become acquainted with Shakespeare, the theater and dancing. They get lodgers in one, to Petrova’s delight, brings their car: Streatfeild family births deaths English children’s writers 20th-century English shhoes Carnegie Medal in Literature winners Officers of the Order of the British Empire People from Sussex.

The Case of the Missing Marquess.

For any little girl who has dreamed of ditching “regular” school and being taught at home, or going to a different kind of school. But in addition to the unique protagonist, we’re given a very singular antagonist. The book was published sometime in the ‘s, and snoes mostly conservative, features two female professors who are unmarried and lived together.

Perfect for Christmas, not convinced by the narrator. And, to be frank, if it did go wrong and remain wrong, Petrova would be more than capable of fixing it.