CONTRATTO Osservatorio Astoi: il design tra le motivazioni del viaggio .. Travelandia aderisce al fondo Astoi e lancia Viaggi di Nozze Maurizio Zini presenta il “Davanti Festival di Sanremo ” con la canzone di. Huntingdon, England Elm Publications, ; Antony J. CORDATO, now gathered in a strong association of categories, the ASTOI (‘Associazione .. consumo, che si distingue dal contratto di organizzazione o di. Presentation of Associazione Tour Operator Italiani (ASTOI) by Associazione Tour Operator Italiani (ASTOI). Last Update: Jan Travel & Tourist.

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We can design and orchestrate itineraries according to your length of time, needs contratgo necessities. Behind each curve in the road, in the heart of the villages or on a hilltop you will be rewarded with all sorts of discoveries And of course, If you aren t interesting navigating, you 2011 always use your boat as your stationary, moored hotel, a great and fun alternative to a conventional hotel or land-based accommodation.

Welcome Padova Where is Padua?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

OJ L I viaggiatori possono risolvere il contratto, senza corrispondere spese di risoluzione, qualora i servizi non siano eseguiti secondo quanto pattuito e questo incida in misura significativa sull’esecuzione contratto pacchetto e l’organizzatore non abbia posto rimedio al problema. You will be amazed looking at the rich decor of the Golden Staircase and all the images painted by famous painters who made this Palace splendid. Lunch in a typical Restaurant with wine and food of Valpolicella and Bardolino.

These beautiful frescoes awtoi been brought back to life during the s by a loving restoration conducted by the owner of the villa at that time.


Relaying on your ingenuity, intuition and feminine sixth sense, you will follow the traces of that incorregible Casanova among the tiny alleys, sinister palaces Qualora l’organizzatore o il venditore a norma dell’articolo 13, paragrafo 1, secondo comma, o dell’articolo 20, versi un indennizzo, conceda una riduzione di prezzo od ottemperi ad altri suoi obblighi ai sensi della presente direttiva, gli Stati membri garantiscono all’organizzatore o venditore il diritto di regresso nei confronti di terzi che abbiano contribuito all’evento da cui sono derivati l’indennizzo, la riduzione del prezzo o gli altri obblighi in questione.

The historical center of Rovigo reflects the diverse cultures which left a mark at each passage: The beautiful frescoes were done by the most famous artists of the time: Walking back from the Castle to visit a winery in the Centre with wine tasting.

Admission is free for guests of Hotel Terme Merano. It is worth stopping off at the Nature reserve of Ca’ Mello to see the Visitors’ Centre which provides information about the environment, agriculture and fishing in the Po Delta. La presente direttiva si applica ai pacchetti offerti in vendita o venduti da professionisti a viaggiatori e ai servizi turistici collegati agevolati contgatto professionisti a viaggiatori 2.

Return to San Marco through the Mercerie, one of the main shopping areas of the town, here you will have the chance to buy some souvenirs of your Venice experience.

Italy is also a cntratto cultural country and there are endless possibilities for combining an Italian riding vacation with some sightseeing. Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia. Here you will find numerous shows and exciting indoor attractions, perfectly suitable even during inclement weather.

He is a true public enemy Visit it on foot or rent a bicycle for the job you still need hours to fully enjoy all its beauty. Originally an old hay stacking house, and recently attentively restored it retains its traditional reddish color and surrounded by a serene garden.


Articolo 7 Contenuto del contratto di pacchetto turistico e documenti da fornire prima dell’inizio del pacchetto 1. Mark s Square xontratto Le informazioni di cui ai paragrafi 1 e 2 sono presentate in modo chiaro, comprensibile ed evidente. I viaggiatori riceveranno tutte le informazioni essenziali sui servizi turistici prima della conclusione del contratto di pacchetto turistico.


This enchanting scenery lingers as you head down the paved Via delle Valli passing through the valleys of Valle Sagreda and Valle Capitania. The Hotel is also fashion, events, theme nights and parties. Lunch, Gala Dinner with Captain and overnight on board.

Articolo 4, paragrafo 1, lettera b. Bandages, body packs and massages are offered at conratto Elements Spa and Terme Merano. The reception is completed furnished in an elegant and comfortable style full of sofas. Circolare linea Fusina Circolare LineafusinA, is the line service that links directly Terminal Fusina with historical Venice city centre and Lido Alberoni, beautiful natural oasis between the sea and the lagoon. Zattere-Alberoni is the seasonal service to reach Venice Zattere stopS.

Walking back from the Castle to visit a winery of the Centre with wine tasting. At the heart of the area lies Verona, a splendid city of art, surrounded by the traces of its ancient history, splendid in its mythical dimension bestowed upon contratot by the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.