: Emperor: The Gates of Rome: A Novel of Julius Caesar ( ): Conn Iggulden: Books. From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys Sweeping us into a realm of tyrants and slaves, of dark intrigues and seething. From the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that secure the power of the empire to the betrayals that threaten to.

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Iggul If you look at people’s reviews of this book you will notice that how cohn likes it depends on how much or what they’ve read on the subject. This a historical fictiion novel of the Roman Empire at the end of the Republic era and the beginning of the Kings era. I just wasn’t keen on this one – I ended up skim reading the second half gatse the book and skipping to the end. The story, such as it is, revolves around two boys: Iggulden drifts entirely igguldeb from historical accuracy, especially where the war between Marius and Sulla is concerned where pure fantasy is entered into and makes huge compromises.

In his historical note afterward, Iggulden does mention that most of Julius Caesar’s childhood is a mystery to historians. But as I said, perhaps it is an unfair comparison.

The only character I found slightly tantalizing was the slave girl Alexandria; there is potentially an interesting story there, but I’m not particularly inspired to read the rest of the series. Part of my decision to listen to this one was because he was the narrator. Hardback Editions October To comply with the Wikipedia quality standardsthis book-related article may require cleanup.


View Full Version fo PW. I may have been spoiled by Graves’ duology on Claudius and McCullough’s Master of Rome series, but that leaves Iggulden little excuse to mass produce such historical garbage.

Other than Sulla marching on Rome, both events are purely fiction. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really interested in the young Caesar and his conb Marcus. I might try and reread this later in the summer. The characters lift right out and it could honestly have been set anywhere and any time.

That was the only problem I saw that might hinder you from enjoying this. Bij cobn opleiding International Development Management proberen ze daar oplossingen voor te bedenken. I was unable to put it down and was drawn into the glamour and decadenceof ancient Rome and the rot and corruption festering at the heart of the great Republic.

Discover what to read next. It’s a really well written book and very character driven, which drives you along in this page turner. While I’m glad people are still showing interest in ancient Rome, don’t we have enough fictionalizations igtulden Julius Caesar?

The Gates of Rome – Wikipedia

Jun 19, David rated it did not like it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Though Iggulden has a solid grounding in Roman military history, anachronisms in speech and attitude “Cabera took him outside and gave him a hiding” roll underfoot and trip up authenticity.


Romr are any number of things with which I took exception, but first and foremost is his treatment of Caesar’s mother, Aurelia Cotta. Whatever imperfections or personality quirks the man had is buried under a mount of tates portrayals. Rarely, if ever, does a new writer dazzle us with such a vivid imagination and storytelling, flawlessly capturing the essence of a land, a people, a legend. The historical accuracy is questionable at best according to the postscript, many of the few details known about Julius Caesar as a youth were changed for the book.

The Gates of Rome

Gaius is as well a very rlme man, who has to achieve his goals and will not settle with anything less than he dreams of. More about Conn Iggulden. It falls into a class of read that I never fail to find the words to elaborate on. Frequent fight scenes, ranging from individual combat if full scale battles, liven the mix somewhat, but the cartoon-like ability of the characters to bounce back after a few stitches weakens the effect.

Praise “Conn Iggulden is a grand storyteller…[he keeps] adults turning pages like enthralled kids. My great-grandfather was a Seannachie, so I suppose story-telling is in the genes somewhere.