Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha .. be said that either Kayanupassana or Vedananupassana is excluded. Vedananupassana(awareness of feelings): bodily and mental Cittanupassana( awareness of the mind): thoughts that arise in the mind – of. download. com. http:// ://

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If lobha citta arises he can tell you exactly that lobha citta arises and so on.

The late Maha Thera Mogok Sayadaw formulated a very simple and unelaborate method of contemplation on Cittanupassana which is easily applicable and suitable for the people of present day who are inclined to have more practical application.

Vinnana means Patisandhi Vinnana rebirth consciousness which is generally Apaya Patisandhi. It is said that without the comprehension of Anicca, it is impossible to gain even the Saccanulomika Nana insight knowledge of Sacca.

He is therefore urged to dissociate with the undesirable Dhamma but associate only with the desirable Dhamma, i. Hence the process of Paticcasamuppada is cut asunder in the middle or in other words Lobha Citta is killed. This is called Magga Nana. Vayadhamma nupassiva Vedanasu viharati.

Vipassana meditation can lead one to the realization of Nibbana. It must not be with Tanha or with Dosa that the Yogi may respond to that call. In the Anguttra Nikaya it is elaborated and minutely shown that: When the personality or identity of ‘I’ ‘Egoism’ is eliminated to some extent Sakkaya Ditthi is said to be dispelled to some extent.

The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness [Chapter 4]

Because he has realised that the pleasant feeling or sensation together with the good experience is impermanent, he will not be attached to it. There is not a single moment that is free from vedana, so the Yogi must try to cognise, comprehend the arising fedananupassana perishing of the Khandhas of which Vedana is one.

Vedana is more than that. At this stage, it will be clear to the Yogi that Upadana arises because of Tanha. The cittanupassaa satipatthana are Kayanupassana-satipatthana, Vedananupassana-satipatthana, Cittanupassana-satipatthana, Dhammanupassana-satipatthana.

It is said, ‘ Phassa paccaya Vedana’ because of Phassa, there arises Vedana. They are as follows:. It means that for the Yogi who has the propensity for Ditthi and who is intellectually dull, a simple and unelaborately formulated Cittanupassana is suitable for the realisation of Magga. When a Yogi sees Sakkaya as Sakkaya only, i. An ordinary Puthujjana worldling who is not well informed on Ariyadhamma stumbles over a stump and sprains his foot. As a matter of fact, all vedananuassana five khandhas in a being are interrelated and so it is just like lime juice syrup in which all the ingredients such as sugar, fruit juice, salt and water are included.


It arises in the eye base, ear base, nose base, tongue base, body base, and mind base. Therefore, it is to be borne in mind that the observation and watching our own citta or consciousness on its rising and vanishing can be put to convenient practice and contemplated upon by anybody without any difficulty.

Amoha citta, wisdom, is not included in the thirteen cittas. This is called contemplation for eliminating ditthi and not Anupassana yet which contemplates on Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta i. Passana means right understanding or realization by means of mindfulness of mentality and physicality.

If a meditator enjoys this pleasant feeling or sensation about his good experience without being mindful of it he is sure to become attached to it. It is to be fully understood that Vedana is revealing all the time that not only does it arise but also perishes.

So the chain of Paticcasamuppada will be cut asunder in the middle of it. Section I Section II.

The mind, thus, is the central factor which controls all our actions. Issa Macchariya comes under Dosa; consciousness or thought to give alms comes under Alobha or Vitaraga, Uddhaccacitta comes under Moha.

In the course of practice the comprehension or insight vedananipassana the Yogi becomes more pronounced and his mindfulness also be comes centered on the arising and vanishing only. Should there be more uninterrupted mental vedaanupassana, the cognition will be more pronounced and it will take less time to achieve one’s purpose.

When the Buddha had explained the seven benefits of mindfulnesshe continued to explain the Four Foundations of Mindfulness:. Should the arising of Citta thought occur while walking, meditation must be done while walking. It is known that there are cases of rigidity, fainting, unconsciousness, dementia and collapse in some places in Burma.

Title- Cittanupassana And Vedananupassana Mogok Sayadaw’s Way By U Than Daing E-book

This stage is called Namapariccheda Nana and when this is fully understood there is another and yet higher stage for the Yogi to take up. According to the Paticcasamuppada in the Yogi knowing only the arising and perishing of the Khandhas, as the arising and perishing is Dukkha and the knowledge there of is Magga which is Vijja Magga, the Vedananuupassana is broken in the beginning, and as a result, Tanha, Mana, Ditthi are also eliminated, therefore the Paticcasamuppada is broken asunder in the middle.


The answer is, for example, on the arising cittanupassqna Lobha consciousness, if Vipassana is contemplated Yogi comprehends the Lobha conscious ness is nowhere to be found but instead there is only the arising and perishing of it which means there is no more Lobha Citta. Such a placement might be vipassana, analytical meditation on emptiness. He said that in attaining the first stage of Sotapanna, the elimination of Ditthi is absolutely necessary.

Cittanupassana and Vedananupassana – Mogok Sayadaw’s way

There is no doubt that it is the hangman who executes the condemned man but the real power is the magistrate who passes the capital sentence. No, nothing of the sort, because it is just like syrup in which fresh juice of lime, sugar, salt and water are all contained as ingredients and in the same manner when one Anupassana is practised the remaining three are also included though not so predominant and pronounced as the first one.

Email Required, but never shown. The monk was not at all satisfied with this last Arahat’s answer because he thought that he had yet to comprehend the two dhammas. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. It is said, ‘Hutva a cittaanupassana Aniccam. What is essential at this stage is to comprehend only the arising and perishing of cittanupasswna khandha. There may be many occasions which escape the Yogi’s mental nothing even under intensive contemplation.