The cisterna chyli (CC), also known as the receptaculum chyli, is a normal anatomical structure seen as a saccular area of dilatation in the lymphatic channels. Pecquet reservoir – a dilated sac at the lower end of the thoracic duct into which the intestinal trunk and two lumbar lymphatic trunks open. Synonym(s): cisterna. tion of cisterna chyli may represent a safe and effective ultimate The ligation of the cisterna chyli has . Pecquet or cisterna chyli at the level of the aortic hiatus.

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cisterna de Pecquet – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

In dogs, it is located to the left and often ventral to the aorta; in cats it is left and dorsal; in guinea pigs it runs to the left and drains into the left innominate vein. The upper end of the cisterna chyli continues as the thoracic duct to empty into the left subclavian vein.

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cisterna chyli

It is the most common drainage trunk of most of the body’s lymphatics. Learn more and modify settings Accept Save. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Lumbar lymph trunk Intestinal trunk Cisterna chyli. Iliac Common external internal Sacral Retroperitoneal lymph nodes.

Anatomy of the lymphatic system. The cisterna chyli is a retro-peritoneal structure. Thoracic duct Right lymphatic duct Bronchomediastinal lymph trunk. Check for errors and try again. In humans, it is located posterior to the abdominal aorta on the anterior aspect of the bodies of the first and second lumbar vertebrae L1 and L2. You can pecquft scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Subscribe now Discover our subscription plans Subscribe.

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