Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This article describes that installation of a Cisco Catalyst R-E switch, including two Supervisor Engines II (WS-X+) and a 48 port Gigabit PoE module.

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Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch | eBay

Show More Show Less. One detail well worth noticing is the colour coded bars on the left and right side of the Supervisor card. The cooling mechanisim is a good example of smart-thinking and intelligent engineering. The heat sinks fins, covering the dual core CPU and other processors, are placed in a direction where the air from the 4507rr tray can provide maximum cooling and heat dissipation:.

Our eyes caught another Cisco box and we approached it, picked it up and checked out the label:. Going back to the chassis, all we found was the power supply connector where the middle pin sockets are easily seen. The screenshot below fisco us the described procedure from one Supervisor engine since you can’t monitor both engines unless you have one serial cosco connected to each supervisor’s console port:. No ratings or reviews yet. Engine is in active state and Utilization LEDs.

The whopping Watt power supplies were a considerable weight.

Cisco Catalyst 4507R – switch

Once the Supervisor engine bootup process is complete, you are able to configure any aspect of the switch according to your needs, just as you would with any other Cisco Catalyst switch. At 4507d back of each power supply, as expected, we found one long connector, split into three groups, the middle group containing pins which are barely visible in the picture:. The new R-E series is a mammoth switch that allows a maximum of Gbps full duplex switching capacity by utilising all 7 slots, in other words 5 modules alongside with two Supervisor Engine 6-E cards with two full line rate 10Gb Uplinks.

We took a picture from the back of the board to make sure the connector was clearly visible:. A careful inspection showed that we had forgotten to switch on the second Watt power supply and the system was running off only one power supply.

Opening csico package confirmed our thoughts – this was a 48port Gigabit card with PoE:.


The upper area of the picture is where you’ll find the two large cube slots for the power supplies. Show More Show Less. Our understanding is that this rail of PCB with transistors and other electrical circuits mounted on it seemed to be regulators for the PoE support. This Catalyst device comes with superior manageability options that simplify administrative tasks and pave the way for increased operational efficiency and maximized productivity in the workplace.

Cisco designs switches using EnergyWise technology to reduce energy usasage, therein saving costs and contributing to overall network efficiency. Cisco Catalyst R – switch Be the first to write a review.

Installation of a Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E Layer 3 Switch

Taking into consideration that we didn’t see the same protection in other similar non-PoE boards, we couldn’t image it being something else. There 4507e all kinds of news and cjsco related to Cisco and Cisco network equipment, such as release of Cisco equipment, news of Cisco’s new networking solution, and Cisco hardware and software upgrading With 7 cards installed on the system, pumping a generous xisco of heat, the cooling had to be as effective as possible.

Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Download. Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. After ensuring the two module ejector levers one on each side were out and away from the faceplate, we gently lined it up with the two chassis slot guides of our slot and slowly pushed the line card inwards:.

After checking Cisco’s site ciscco find out more information, the explanation for the orange LEDs was that the Supervisor Engine was performing a ‘ System boot or a diagnostic test is in progress ‘, however it was not true as the system was fully booted and visco.

Of course, anything on the left side of the chassis vieweable in our picture would be immediately blown away. Once they start spinning, you really can’t argue that the cooling is inadequate, as the air flow produced is so great that when we powered the R-E, the antistatic bags accidently forgotten on the right hand side of the chassis were sucked almost immediately against the chassis grip, just at it happens when you leave a plastic bag behind a powerful fan!

The practical height of the unit for a rack is 11U which means you need quite a bit of room to make sure it’s comfortably ciso. With the support of stateful switchover SSOthe secondary supervisor engine serves as a backup to immediately take over after a primary supervisor failure. As shown in our picture the fan tray consists of two larger fans on the same level as the Supervisor Engines, and six smaller fans taking care of the cooling for the rest of the line cards:.


Configuring the Supervisor engines was a simple task. When we completed our checkup, we decided it was time to install the card and finally power the R-E switch.

In the above screenshot, we’ve configured the switch to boot using a specific IOS located in the bootflash, as soon as fisco saved the configuration using the wr command, the Supervisor engine automatically synchronised the two engines’ nvram without any additional commands. The interesting part is when you try to save your configuration:. Mission-critical operations need not be halted in cases where a line card, cooling fan, supervisor engine, processor or power supply becomes defective.

Improving on the most vital aspects of the Catalyst series, this Cisco Catalyst E-series chassis-based switch is backward compatible with past generations and architected to accommodate future versions.

Trending Price New. This command gives a report of the installed modules cards in the catalyst switch along with a few more details:. At the back left side of the board, you can see the supervisor engine’s connector which is equally impressive with pin connectors – 50 on each row! 4507d

Network Administrator Savvas Filippidis gets ready to install a line card. Visible behind the faceplate is the circuitry board and heatsinks attached to the dual-CPUs and other processors The following power supplies are supported: These colour codes exist to ensure engineers don’t accidently try to insert a Supervisor card into an inappropriate slot.

Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. When the R-E is switched on, both cisci will boot by first performing a POST test on their modules, memory buffers etc. Because we couldn’t wait any longer, we quickly opened one of two power supplies and inserted it into the designated slot.

The picture taken on the left shows the eight fans placed on the fan-tray. Apart from these minor cosmetic cisck the switch looks exactly the same as its predecessor. When inserted into its slot, the power supply’s bottom connectors plug firmly into the chassis connectors and power up the Catalyst cksco.