Charles Bukowski, escritor eminentemente autobiográfico, nos cuenta en esta en Cartero describe los doce años en que estuvo empleado en una sórdida. Read El cartero / The postman book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified orders. Follow the Author. Charles Bukowski. El Cartero (Spanish Edition) by Charles Bukowski at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent.

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She’s not your kind of woman. He died of leukemia in San Pedro on March 9, There is a certain integrity in such a stance; it requires courage, persistence and an ability to suffer.

The book is hilarious. But while Hank is interested in the ladies, dogs are interested in Hank! They sat on a rock together and J. Open Preview See a Problem? Here the post office represents the demeaning and stupid bureaucracy with its constant idiot regulations and write-ups and other demeaning practices.

And he was practically talentless. Now he was passing the secrets on to those who could afford it. He takes to the racetracks, drinking all day, placing bets, doing nothing. I want to start reading Bukowski. Dartero is a fucked up womanizer, but I still love it.

I mean a lot, a lot. So, next time you wake up and you feel like fucking pounding a case of Schlitz right after you beat the shit bukodski of your cute ass toy poodle, read “Post Office” and get motivation to sit on your ass, complain about your job, shit on the opposite sex, and really, really, really fucking appreciate the finer delicacies of life.

Probably not a very nice person. The closing lines of Post Office are as brilliant as the opening and one gets a sense here that this was Bukowski speaking through Hank again, during a life-affirming moment: Share your thoughts with other customers.


Be sure to bring him with you on your next visit to the bar, it’s where he truly shines. I’m guessing funny as in no matter what this loser Chinaski does, he always ends up getting drunk and then working, while hungover, at his soul deadening job The cover said: View all 35 comments.

Post Office

His voice is irreverent, offensive, funny, and very refreshing. Just be careful not to touch anything, you don’t know where it’s been. Want to Read saving…. What do you get when you mix two cases of beer, chronic gambling, and a vulgar, “Fuck this world and fuck you if you live in it” attitude?

Cartero – Charles Bukowski – Google Books

Quotes from Post Office. And I can’t wait to get off work and see my baby, She said she’d leave the porch light on for me. Maybe then my balls might drop just an inch or two and I could get the fucking What do you get when you mix two cases of beer, chronic gambling, and a vulgar, “Fuck this world and fuck you if you live in it” attitude?

View all 8 comments. But he grieves his losses here in a way he does not, or does far far less, in Women. View all 12 comments. I’m disheveled and I’m disdainful and I’m distracted and it’s painful A bukiwski and quick read. We have found 1 match! Books by Charles Bukowski.

Super funny and quick to read. It’s nice to be a champion. I want to know where he works, where he sleeps, his favorite swearwords used to coat around his soft nature. This scumbag gets a job in gov’t service, complains that the bosses make him, like, actually work geez, don’t they know he’s hung over, they’re harshing his mellow!

But it was dark. I’m guessing funny as in no matter what this loser Chinaski does, he always ends up getting drunk and then working, while bukowki, at his soul deadening job throwing letters into the appropriate cubbyholes.


Ever wanted to talk nonsense with a sleazy, voluptuous barfly, laugh and kiss and stroke and fuck and drink and drink and gukowski and smoke and drink Thank you for registering to BarBud! But I couldn’t help thinking, god, all these mailmen do is drop in their letters and get laid. Life, at last, was bearable. Bathos The opening line is, “It began as a mistake”, section two opens, cartedo, things went on” and the book closes with, “Maybe I’ll write a novel I thought.

We’ll be meeting in a bar, not some fancy shmancy conference, so that “the university of life” stuff should do.

Another masterpiece of feminism in American Literature.

Post Office by Charles Bukowski

Or maybe I’d just grab a bottle and try to live for tonight instead. During one christmas season, after hearing from a drunk that the Post Office would hire “damned near anybody to deliver the mail”, Hank applies and is successful at securing a delivery job as a temp.

My first affair with Bukowski. He’s a congenital loser trapped in a dead-end profession from which he can derive no personal satisfaction, yet possessed of enough cartwro to recognize the absurdity of his situation. There was something about funerals. We’re like those fish, only we’re up here.

The story starts out following a drunk scumbag who is of no benefit to society other than purchasing from liquor stores. This is what makes Henry Chinaski’s story very addictive to read. Hank starts as a post service substitute carrier, a sub mailman.