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His numerous works included fiery songs kindling patriotism during the Indian Bharathiyra movement. Which means a well educated person knows to treat them same and not by their caste. He advocated greater rights for women and their education. He covered political, social and spiritual themes.

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Subramania Bharati – Wikipedia

They will set the base for many scientific discoveries that facilitate human life. Handbook of Universities, Volume 1.

Bharati also fought against the caste system in Hindu society. They will present all achievements of mankind as a tribute to God.

That the Pandavass are the Indians, the Kauravas the British and the Kurukshetra hbarathiyar of Mahabharat that of the Indian freedom struggle.

He openly criticised the preachers for mixing their individual thoughts while teaching the Vedas and the Gita. There are many such poems written by him for feminism:. These newspapers were also a means of expressing Bharati’s creativity, which began to peak during this period. They should see them as human beings. Around the age of 11, he was conferred the title of “Bharati”, the one blessed by Saraswatithe goddess of learning.


Fragments of a Life: He had a prodigious output penning thousands of verses on diverse topics like Indian Nationalism, love songs, children’s songs, songs of nature, glory of the Tamil language, and odes to prominent freedom fighters of India like TilakGandhi and Lajpat Rai.

He is known to have said, “Even if Indians are divided, they are children of one Mother, where bharrathiyar the need for foreigners to interfere? He visualised the new woman as an emanation of Shakti, a willing helpmate of man to build a new earth through co-operative endeavour.

Retrieved 30 November Though Bharati was considered a people’s poet, a great nationalist, outstanding freedom fighter and social visionary, it was recorded that there were only 14 people to attend his funeral. Aiyar, who had also sought asylum under the French.

The ones who are really of a superior class are the ones excelling in being just, wise, educated and loving. He condemned the Shashtrasthe procedures formulated by some orthodox Hindus and weren’t held as holy by most Hindus, that suppressed women’s rights. Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature: His aathichudo similes have been read by millions of Tamil readers.

Subbaiah starring as Subramania Bharati. He delivered his last speech at Karungalpalayam Library in Erode, which was about the topic Man is Immortal.


The British tried to suppress Bharati’s output by stopping remittances and letters to the papers. He paved the way for modern blank verse.

Senthamizh naadu ennum pothinile. Chidambaranar bharathjyar with Subramanya Siva and Bharathiar with Aathicjudi. Among other greats such as Bal Gangadhar Tilak, he considered Nivedita as his Guruand penned verses in her praise. He talks of building up India’s defense, her ships sailing the high seas, success in manufacturing and universal education.

On his journey back home, he met Sister NiveditaSwami Vivekananda ‘s spiritual heir. It certainly is ascribed to the rise of womanhood in society.

The Meaning of the above poem is, people in the world will bharathiyxr good knowledge and prosper if both Men and women are considered as equal. Problems playing these files?

Subramania Bharati

Suttum vizhi Ninnai charan adaindhen Chinanjiru kiliye Senthamizh naadu ennum pothinile Aasai mugam. Although he survived the incident, a few months later his health deteriorated and he died on 11 September early morning around 1 am. They will expunge all backward superstitions in the society.