Get Fast Service & Low Prices on B2B Belkin USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter – % Volume Discounts Provantage is an authorized Belkin dealer. Unlock 30% student discount at Belkin with Student Beans. Use our Belkin student discount code at the checkout to enjoy 30% off your order. Simply register . If after verifying you found out that your Belkin product is defective and you want to return the product for a refund, you may contact us through our Technical.

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Haven’t had any power outtages or brown-outs that I’ve noticed in the past two months since I’ve had the beloin but I purchased it for the same reason that the thread originator did.

I place d my order at Provantage whom still seem to have a couple. Hope this catches on.

Belkin US Refund Frequently Asked Questions

rebaate I have the F5D units. It will definitely make me recommend their products for low-cost users going forward. I have a brown out conditioner installed before the line conditioner.

So are we going to go after dsl customers that can’t get the advertised speeds due to distance limits? Good thing I know better Opinions vary. At least Belkin is standing behind their product and refunding people’s money or providing a credit. This is the first time we’ve seen where a vendor is offering a full refund for a significant portion of their product line correct us if we’re wrong.


I think it is understood with wireless that speeds advertised are always the maximum. It worked as soon as I plugged provqntage the cords and has worked great for me for 2 years now. If you ever log into your bank or have a stock account, or use a credit card to buy, someone can potentially sniff those packets and grab the stuff it may or may not be encrypted.

Everything is hooked up and running along well. Thanks for your significant contribution to the topic. Are those new or refurbished Belkin units they are selling? rebxte

Belkin US Refund Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a particular Panamax that is a favorite among the HT crowd? I doubt it’s any better than what an APC provides. It should also be noted that you need the sales receipt to receive a refund. I purchased one of these recently online for about a buck-fifty and overall have been happy with it. It won’t hurt to plug the UPS into the H Maybe they will sue anyone making It worked okay for his needs.

Quite a difference in price between the two Just some extra info on this unit I’d say pretty good routers. No way no how, no matter what environmental factors you have just perfect, will you see 54Mbps out of an I don’t own any Belkin routers, but several of my customers use them with no problem.


No my equipment didn’t sound any better when I plugged everything into it but I wasn’t expecting it to. I am glad Belkin is stepping up to the plate here. I’m not saying they need to dumb it down to “here is what you’ll get through 3 brick walls and a floor” speeds, but it should be limited to what a person sitting 6″ from the router could actually see.

Seems provnatage it’s just a marketing scam Nothing in this Agreement limits your rights under, or grants you rights that supersede, any Open Beokin Software license. Ok, been awhile since i started this thread but i got somewhat sidetracked as some may have noticed.

They never had to be touched, sure they lacked a lot of power user features but they all went almost 6 years without even having to touch them. They’re not alone in being guilty of falsely advertised speeds. I would venture to guess that a great many of the experienced wireless internet users would agree me that prrovantage advertised data transfer rate is universally understood as being the MAX transfer rate under perfect conditions.

So I guess I just stay with my