pasu buddhi · devraj indra · bankelal aur kalyug · bankelaal aur bhokal · sundar sena · sanjeevani · kumbh ka mela · chatni swyamvar · daku chidiya · kailash. Bankelal is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles . sanjeevani; sundar sena; bankelaal aur bhokal; bankelal aur kalyug. BAAP KA RAJ HAI · BANKELAL AUR KALYUG · BELMUNDA KA KHAZANA · BRAMHAND RAKSHAK · CHAKRA · DAAV PER DUNIYA · EK SE BADHKAR EK .

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Feeki Khichdi 30 images. Bankelal Aur Yakshkumar 1 images. Bankelal Aur Dharti Jakard 31 images. Chamatkari Jaden 58 images.

Shakti (comics)

When Lord Shiva discovered this he put a curse on Bankelal that if ever Bankelal tried to harm anybody, the person would be blessed with good results and some part of that would aaur be ‘rubbed’ on to Bankelal. Most issues start with Bankelal knowing a secret or something which he may use to kill king Vikram Singh and usurp the throne.

Pyaaz Wali Chudail 27 images. Teen Tigaadaa 41 images.


Shakti (comics)

In the end all the trickries of Bankelal fail and Vikram Singh gets a lot of favour rather than harm. Kalp Vriksh 42 images. Shakti is Maha Kali – Great Kali. Shapit Khajana 27 images. Fal Putra 58 images. Kumbh Ka Mela 24 images. Bankelal Sher Ka Panja 28 images. Bankelal has a horse named Chetak which is another very funny character in comics series.

Mukaddar Ka Dhani 33 images. She could even kalyub an airplane with ease and can travel with it at the speed of light. Ulta Bankrlal 48 images.

Angoor Khatte 41 images. Sadachari Bankelal 42 images. Story develops further with the involvement of sages, yogis, Devi-Devtas and Rakshas, each of whom comes with incredible humorous twist to the story. Kabbad Ka Juggad 49 images. Patal Bhairavi 49 images. She has power of anger of women of the world, can produce fire vankelal melt metals to produce weapons, her third eyeshe can travel bankwlal speed of light. Bankelal Aur Bhuton Ki Toli 32 images. Vikram Aur Vetaal 59 images. Daayan Rani 17 images.

Though there are some issues that are linked to each other like series in which Bankelal and Vikram Singh travel to different lokas worlds.

Doodh Ghaas 41 images. Mrityu Yogam 41 images.


Bankelal Aur Narbhakshi Lutera 31 images. Raja Bankelal 31 images. Paan Ke Patte 58 images. Khatre Ka Avtaar 33 images. Bankelal Ka Badla 32 images. Sur Aur Asur 58 images. Bankelal Devlok Mein 32 images. Bankelal Aur Khujalraj 31 images. Bankelal Aur Patal Rakshash 31 images.


Jadoogar Karara 30 images. Anmol Ratan 49 images.

Her alter ego, Shakti, on the other hand, does not tolerate injustice and crime at all and is also strikingly beautiful. Akkad Bakkad 27 images.

lifebook -Comics

The monstrosity and injustice of it all opens up the volcano of anger in her, sending the smoke to the heavens. Aafat Ki Pudiyan 59 images.

Check out all the latest and old hindi comics collected from all over the internet. Shadyantrakaari Aatma 33 images. But due to the”blessed” curse placed on him,every bad that he wants to do turns out to be good, turning the odds in his favour.