With the recent release of Peopletools, peoplesoft has moved from the traditional workflow to the AWE(Approval Workflow Engine).This has. PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is a recent entrant into the PeopleTools family – introduced only in AWE provides capabilities for creating. All rights reserved • AWE is made up of 20 Workflow Events No. 4 AWE – Event Driven Approval FrameWork Event Description On Process.

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PeopleSoft: Creating a Simple Workflow with AWE(Approval Workflow Engine)

Now is the time to test our workflow. Since, we are creating approval process of only one step. Top 10 Features in PeopleTools 8. Same as emplid, you can initialize your workflow with some number and then AWE will take care of incrementing it and maintaining it with your transactions. Thread Class is used to control what is displayed in the Approval Monitor.

This goes inline with the fact that Fusion also would be mostly configurable, thus reducing the maintenance cost.

In Notification Options Select as below. Let us add the currency code field on the page. It requires a manual insert SQL.


Userlist defines the list of user who will be getting the notification when some event triggers. December 30, You are here: It means, our workflow has triggered.

I also tried some other sites but these sites want subscription fees before I can get the file in which I think it is ridiculous as this is a free white paper by Oracle. Approval workflows are triggered when employees, managers or users, submit a transaction, such an Expense Sheet.

Below is the code: Oracle Open World Presentations Download. We had three Push buttons: I created a XREF record as below. All Criteria is now set, So a tick is appearing in each criteria link. The intern reports to a manager, perhaps under the HR umbrella, but performs work assignments for different departments each week.

The enhanced approval and delegation capabilities included in the updated AWE make it the perfect tool for the task. The AWE will determine the appropriate approval process definition and then launch the required routing based on the pre-configured steps. SubmitApprove and Deny. The requester requests for some amount for an asset. We will later see how this page is customized to fulfill our requirements.

PeopleSoft AWE: The Often Overlooked Solution to your Workflow Woes

Newer Post Older Post Home. We need to pass email template to the AWE workflow.


We have successfully completed the AWE workflow. You may add it in the header record and use it on the page. Posted by KSK at 3: Lets add a new Asset id for approval. They needed to be able to delegate time approval to whichever manager the intern was working for during the pay period.

PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

We do not need these as of now. During one of my recent PeopleSoft 9.

Anonymous July 14, at The best place to trigger AWE events peoplesft at SavePostchange as all the validations are done by that point. I have added 3 buttons: So,now the buttons are displaying correctly.

I have created a app package and inserted a class in the package. This is just one of many projects where we have implemented the Oracle AWE and enhanced its functionality.

One obstacle I find universal across clients is the need to setup effective workflow solutions and then be able to easily maintain them.