The Arvus Lighter is a small shuttle craft mentioned in the DH . Just make up something a bit bigger and modify the Arvus rules slightly. Kaihlik. Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More! Again, the Arvus Lighter is cheap and carries cheap troops, so it is a joy to. I want to buy the forge world arvus lighter sometime around chrismtas DO NOT post full rules quotes from the BRB or Codexs, as we do not.

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It has been used as an objective or terrain piece in my games of infinity and Tomorrow’s war, though. Really there seems to be no real reason to use the Arvus.

I may wheel it out if I do though and let you lot know how it goes hehe! I’ll post just a handful of wrvus images below. Where do you get the girls from? The Arvus has been called the Trojan utility vehicle of the Imperial Navyas rulex two vehicles sharing similar roles and uses with their respective arms of the Imperial military forces.


I wanted to buy an Arvus, but the kit is so tiny, so i decided to make one of my own in a scale that does the design a bit more justice. I went round by work after the gym tonight to do a little cutting with a view to explaining how to get tight tolerances and neat edges.

In the real world, military craft get constantly updated, so you may find that an F built in might differ significantly in equipment and software from one made ineven though externally it arvuss look the liguter.

Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. Dropping a Land Raider from orbit would cause it to break up regardless of its armour properties because its just not the right shape. The Arvus is piloted by a single pilot, and is not equipped with any weapon systems, in fact, the Arvus possesses only the most basic navigation equipment, external sensors, and proximity alarms.


Arvus Lighter

If you see in the pics below, there are 10mm graded lines on the cutting mat i use. If anyone sees any detail i have left off I am relying on web-sourced images for the build as i didn’t buy the original kitlet llghter know And keep in mind the engine intakes were found items from another craft, so i am aware they don’t match with the Forgeworld kit.

Looks better than the original! I haven’t got a mold for the canopy if that’s your question. They do every time they’re used: The Arvus wrvus transport up to 12 people in its cargo hold, but any Imperial official of importance will most likely make use of the Aquila Lander instead, as the Arvus is designed as a workhorse and not a luxury craft. Thats is cool, would love to see it and the crew zrvus.

It seems fairly lackluster. I’ve heard it’s one of the worst flyers in 40k and also the model is one of FW ‘s worsts. First person the get an infantry unit in base-to-base can take off and add a really crappy flyer to their army next turn For the record, I don’t think it looks all that bad for what it is supposed to represent: At 75 points and a transport option of Imperial Guard a cheap armyit is possible to have a veritable fleet of Arvus Lighters screening your army against the advancing hordes of enemies while your guns blaze away without fear of assaults.

That is probably the best scratchbuilt thing I have seen, and the quality succeeds that of forgeworld.

Its Move characteristic becomes 20″ until the end of the phase, and it loses the AirborneHard to Hit and Supersonic abilities until the beginning of your next Movement phase.

You can easily make one up that can transport a Rhino sized vehicle. I have used one, in roleplay, without using the model. If anyone here has an Arvus and spots detail i have missed, don’t hesitate to post and let me know.


I do have molds for the engine intakes, side storage lockers and the front end. Flyers can block objectives, just like any other large enough model.

40K TACTICA: Arvus Lighter – Bell of Lost Souls

You are a top notch scratch builder. When this model Advancesincrease its Move characteristic by 20″ until the end of the phase — do not roll a dice.

What would probably happen to the Arvus if the Rhino could survive unaided would be that the areas at which the two were joined would experiance failure weakening the heatshield and causing both to fail.

That was very helpful. The Arvus has a powerful engine that allows it to carry heavy cargo to and from a planet’s surface. Just a couple of greeblies and the flat panel armour that holds the wings to the engines.

Arvus Lighter – 1d4chan

These will serve a dual purpose. The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the Imperium of Man for many tasks, both in space and on the surface of planets.

On the styrene parts? Would be care if i used a forge world model in a game at my local gw? It’s really intended for narrative battles though, like Imperial troops escorting important nobles or whatever so they can escape in it.

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