ANSI/NETA Standard for Acceptance Testing Specifications for Electrical Power . Specifications have been published in , , , , and Portage, Mich.-based InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) recently published ANSI/NETA MTS, “Standard for Maintenance. PREFACE (continued). ANSI/NETA MTS Optional Tests. The purpose of these specifications is to assure that all tested electrical equipment and systems.

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We ansii-neta tried an optional solution for some of these “problem” breakers, that uses the installation of CT’s and a protective relay.

Outside those areas, you’re going to be paying for expenses and mileage in addition to personnel cost and test equipment cost. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. If on the other hand your response is “Well, we’ve never needed this before The units going over the road many times a year resulted in a huge number of failures, both nuisance trips and failure to trip.

Ansi neta mts 2007 frequency of maintenance tests

Disabling the trip unit and turning the local breaker into a switch controlled by a protective relay was a good solution in that situation. As I said before, a large part of my issue is with medium and large amp frame molded case circuit breakers, some of which have relatively new integral solid state trip devices. So if that happens, question 1 from the OSHA inspector is “What is the nature of your electrical safety program? Once you open that breaker and rack it out you have broken loose dried lubricants, excercised springs, etc.

He may have to travel with said trailer for several hundred miles to my site in Armpit, Mississippi, for which I pay, and when he gets there, he’s pulling out the ONLY breaker feeding my station, so I’m off-line on an interstate pipeline, for a scheduled outage, all the while hoping that something doesn’t get broken by that remove-test-replace cycle.

The arc-flash calculations assume that the upstream devices are going to operate. Close this window and log in.

ANSI/NETA MTS REQUIRED? – Electric power & transmission & distribution – Eng-Tips

Most if not all of the electrical equipment and Molded Case CB’s have been in place for 25 years without even being exercised. Improper or inadequate maintenance can result in increased opening time of the overcurrent protective device, thus increasing the incident energy. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Whoever does the arc-flash mts-207 should recommend maintenance testing of the protective devices as part of their report. Is the testing valid? I am changing our engineering standards to require future installations to employ drawout power breakers for major loads, but we use many smaller power panels and switchracks and those feeder breakers will need to be tested to validate their condition for arc-flash.


The second variety can only be really tested by putting large and very inconvenient amounts of current through them.

Ansi neta mts frequency of maintenance tests

Yes, for the most part. For additional direction for performing maintenance on overcurrent protective devices, see Chapter 2, Safety-Related Maintenance Requirements. When you add to that the electrical risk, where you know you’re going to have to work on live equipment and you’re going to see sizable electrical outages because by nature the breakers you’re interested in testing will be critical feeders, I see NFPA 70E as offering more hazards than it corrects.

The edition fo the NFPA 70E is going to make some major changes regarding this subject, futher details of maintenence requirements and the vadility of the arc flash study. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. I manage the electrical side of things for thirty-odd natural gas compression facilities, many of which have volt equipment dating back to the early ‘s.

Some added features helped sell the idea to their management, like better fault recording, ability to use relay data for metering, ability to test if a test switch installed with minimal service disruption, and ability to easily change settings for service access arc flash settings.

Hover, much of MY equipment is bolted in place. I have been working on them. Arc flash is concerned with the interruption time which includes the arcing time within the interrupter.

Others have the electro-thermo-mechanical devices. Zogzog- I first used a first-trip device when working with a large southern utility company. Unbolting twelve bolts on the bus side connection and disconnecting twelve thumb-sized cables on the load side so that the break can be tested is a problem. Ah, the prospects of retirement I had tried a similar situation many years ago to address reliability problems with local generator breakers in rental equipment.


I’m working on this. The arc-flash study is supposed to consider the “condition of maintenance” of the equipment. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Thanks for the tip! The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

I’m looking at similar issues. It’s only as good as the technician on YOUR job. My question is, How can the analysis be legitimate without ever having tested the OCPD’s and Relays electrically and mechanically?

But there are a lot of competent testing organizations, including groups associated with manufacturers that are not NETA members. It is a very good tool, and I recommended it to several clients after I went back into power system field services. Cost of repair, maintenance and the occasional additional costs due to downtime of failure of customer equipment was eating away at an already small margin.

I have to agree with many of the points brought up by “old field guy”, I also worked for a NETA company for a few years, the supervising engineer was the reason I joined the company, a joy to work with, but when he left it wasn’t so much anymore. Register now while it’s still free! That’s just an opinion, you understand. Download Now White Paper: Can it be done?

mgs-2007 There is however a larger over arching issue at play: Perfect tool for validation of an arc flash study though.

Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. There are many ways to catpure this data, this device is new and perhaps the most simple way to do it. I have to bring in a contractor with a test set that is towed in on a trailer. We still had to make sure the trip elements works, but a functional test of the trip was way easier to perform than pulling a breaker out of the unit to test.

There is no specific requirement that NETA standards or NETA-certified contractors be used for maintenance testing, although that is certainly the main organization in wnsi-neta US that deals with testing of electrical equipment.