Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly novel by Amitav Ghosh tells the story of Rajkumar, a poor boy lifted on the tides of political. The Glass Palace: A Novel [Amitav Ghosh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set in Burma during the British invasion of , this masterly. The Glass Palace There was only one person in the food-stall who knew exactly what that sound was that was rolling in across the plain, along the silver curve of .

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He says, in his Author’s Notes: See all 5 questions about The Glass Palace…. Its lines led the eye right through the city, past the bright red walls of the fort to the distant pagodas of Mandalay Hill, shining like a string of white bells upon the slope. Arjun is a conscientious and loyal soldier, but inevitably the question arises: Beginning and ending in Burma, from the expulsion of King Thebaw by the British in to a speech by the imprisoned democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi outside her house inthe novel covers two world wars, several rebellions, and numerous flavors of oppression, brief independence, and interracial strife.

Events conspire to weave Outram House the name of the residence the British provide to house the family and what remains of their assistants more firmly into the life of Ratnagiri than had been expected. Through an Indian connection in Rangoon YangonRajkumar makes contact with Ratnagiri via Uma, and is accordingly granted an audience with the Collector and his wife over a meal that of course stiffly conforms to colonial best practice.

It shifts to the Plantations in Burma, the rubber plantations in malaysia, activities of the Ghadar party in America. Ghosh re-creates Rajkumar’s childhood in an almost fairy-tale way.

The Glass Palace Reader’s Guide

Ghosh raises several debates over the course of the novel, one central to the political subtext being that of Imperialism vs. The complex shifting of loyalties under battlefield conditions was new to me and rather confusing, yet the political and moral issues were clear as day. In attempting to write about places amihav times that I knew only at second- and third-hand, I found myself forced to create a parallel, wholly fictional world.


The best historical fiction books I’ve read integrated all three of these goals into a smooth and readable nar Most of the historical fiction books I’ve read have tried to do three things — evoke a sense of time and place, depict historical paalace through the eyes of their characters, and last and often least, unfortunately, even though this is ostensibly the reason to read a novel in the first placecreate multifaceted characters who are experiencing their own growth, lgass, and plot.

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh – Reading Guide – : Books

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The exile of King Thibaw and the aftermath of his family life in the western coastal region of India was job well done. Quotes amitxv The Glass Palace. NOW where is this lady residing?

I did not think I would as it is not the type of book I would pick for myself but so glad my book group chose it. Complains – Too many characters of equal importance, some subplots that stand out as loose threads and mega serial type handling of the 2nd generation. Kipling’s visit to Rangoon in Burma, inspired his poem “Mandalay” in His success as a trader in teak the lucrative motivation behind the British invasion is achieved with apparently little effort, and Rajkumar journeys guosh India to find Dolly, a lgass he met as a child in Mandalay.

The story begins with the British takeover of the kingdom of Burma as its king and queen are exiled to a remote compound in India. Sep 06, Mal Warwick rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 17, Elaine rated it it was ok Shelves: But the expressive aamitav and lushness in style is enchanting and nearly a 5.

But he could have said he was twenty and people would still have believed him, for he was a big, burly boy, taller and broader in the shoulder than many men. Tlass does Ghosh reconcile the notions of personal identity and national identity?

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The Glass Palace

Ghosh paoace an entire paragraph to describing the camera with which Mrs. Indeed, for much of the book, I felt I was reading a non-fiction history of Burma, India, and Malaya, told through the lives of characters who are largely fictional.

I will read more by the author. When we first encounter her, she is constantly worried about being the proper memsahibfollowing traditional domestic etiquette, and living palaec to the standards of her husband, the Collector. There are so many themes in the book!

It also chronicles both the usual changes in the outside world, such as the impact of hhosh, airplanes, and photography, and factors specific to that particular region, such as the successive importance of three money-making trees: He couldn’t afford to feed his crew that long, he’d decided: What do such episodes tell us glas the effect of colonialism, both on the individual and the collective?

They become extraordinary in our minds of the reader, as we travel with them through a century of social upheaval and political turmoil.

What I found mostly remarkable is how the build-up of each character is paced, with often illustrious and heavy detailing during the first and middle part of their stories, however their exit from the book is mostly tapered, and seems sometimes even The Glass Palace is indeed history masqueraded as finely crafted fiction, and politics discussed is ever relevant.

Everything in this story is created to tell the history of Burma Myanmar.

What is the effect of focusing a novel of such grand, epic sweep, on members of common society? Wondeful epic story of a family in the s to s. For his age, Rajkumar was well travelled. The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh.

As for Ghosh, darling, it would be an immense delight to meet you in person; as far as the books goes I would delightfully adore them only through the display windows.