Santorini. Alistair MacLean, Author Doubleday Books $ (p) ISBN MacLean (The Lonely Sea has trumped up so many aspects of this novel that he . Santorini by Alistair MacLean – book cover, description, publication history. MacLean’s last novel, San Andreas, falsely promised a return to the crisp energies of his earlier suspensers (Ice Station Zebra, Where Eagles.

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Before becoming a full-time author, he was a teacher.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That would be OK but the style and the plot seemed ho hum and santorrini energy. Aug 21, Edmond Gagnon rated it liked it.

After the war he gained an English Honours degree at Glasgow University, and became a schoolmaster. In the heart of the Aegean Sea, a luxury yacht is on fire and sinking fast. I read it on a whim, and enjoyed the reading. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The amount of dialogue could probably have been significantly reduced if many of the repetitive comments were to be removed, or restated so that reference is made to the prior conversation and then moving on from there, as very little ‘new’ information seemed to be added with subsequent conversations about the same material.

Sep 11, Alistaire King rated it liked it. Jun 30, Fredrick Danysh rated it really liked it. Another thing that is distracting from the book is that santorrini, whether Greek, American, or the President of the U. I recall reading a lot of MacLean’s books as a teenager. So, with an abundance of detailed mechanical description and a paucity of suspense, the bomb is salvaged: Dec 13, Benjamin Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Alistaif, tiresome; a tedious disappointment for MacLean’s regulars as well as for anyone unlucky enough to pick this one to sample MacLean.

The ‘issue’ of the two high-ranking traitors is quickly and quietly alistakr, without any fanfare. However, the good guys figure their scheme out almost immediately and the bad guys never really have a chance to get away with it, though they think they do.

Santorini by Alistair MacLean

Very little in the way of action and the end carries little impact. Eventually, the widget is shared, treachery in high places is uncovered, and ‘justice’ finally prevails in the end. Like some of his other books, I had a hard time differentiating the characters. But, its ti I recall reading a lot of MacLean’s books as a teenager. It is your ‘basic’ kind of story in that there is some kind of catastrophe [or accident] involving some kind of advanced weapons-technology.


While on station in the Aegean Sea under the guise of a hydrographic survey mission, the crew of Royal Navy electronic intelligence vessel HMS Ariadne witnesses two disasters at once, a mysterious strategic bomber crashing into the sea and a large pleasure yacht on fire and sinking. This book took forever for me to read because yet again, no first names were used, only ranks usually, so hard to I really wanted to like this book, considering it was the last book he wrote before he passed away the following year, and chronologically it was right after my favorite book as a kid San Andreas, written by himself.

Santorini – Alistair MacLean – Google Books

I found this less effective than previous books maclexn MacLean because he seems to have fallen into a sort of comfortable pattern of characterization. The story itself was rock solid and a page turner, yet somehow he wrote dialogue that was so dated and repetitive it was hard to slog through.

Nov 30, Kirk Domenico rated it it was ok. Published by Fontana first published December The plane turns out to have been loaded with nuclear weapons, and the survivors rescued from the yacht who include a wealthy Greek tycoon appear somehow connected with the plane’s destruction.

The book is almost completely characters sitting around talking with just a few dollops of action, mostly concerned with exploring the sunken yacht and raising the crashed plane which is loaded with a rather nasty cargo to shake things up a bit. Apr 18, John Pringle rated it liked it. Essentially, the main villain is supposed to be a high-powered international drug smuggler and all-around evil mastermind but he really comes across as a rather gullible fool.

Minutes later, a four-engined jet with a fire in its nose-cone crashes into the sea.


Refresh and try again. Its a little dry towards the end, with a gizmo solving the small difficulty the team gets into at the end. But, its ,aclean and economically written. But that’s okay, since Talbot let him steal it; as soon as Andropolous enters remote waters, Talbot triggers the bomb via remote control: Inat the age of eighteen, he joined the Royal Navy; two and a half years spent aboard a cruiser were to give him the background for HMS Ulysseshis first novel, the outstanding documentary novel on the war at sea.


Aug 02, Chad rated it did not like it Shelves: Oct 08, Viz alisstair it liked it. To ask other readers questions about Santoriniplease sign up. And it does have a pretty decent beginning with a simultaneous plane crash and yacht sinking in the Aegean Sea near a conveniently-placed British ship. View all 3 comments.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. It’s a more cerebral MacLean book than I remember from the handful of other books I’ve read by him.

This novel, in particular, relies heavily on dialogue and, frankly, all the characters sound the sameā€”the Greek and even the President come over as distinctly British. MacLean produces another fantastic thriller.

Tense thriller told with a touch of humour involving an atomic mine and a plane load of hydrogen bombs. You have to be a die hard fan of Alistair’s books to have the patience to read this book of his. Nevertheless, for all its faults, the fact that I finished it shows that MacLean on an off-day is still worth reading.

MacLean really should be rediscovered, as he wrote an amazing array of political thrillers of which several made it to movies Guns of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra for example. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. We end up learning more about him than any other character in the book, which means he has the most character development. In the normal MacLean book you start with a mystery, and the hero of the book progresses through gaining the odd fact or clue here and there.

Overall, I can’t recommend this to someone new to MacLean, but someone who has read more of his books might enjoy it more.