AKTA KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA JADUAL KETIGA bagi pekerja yang berikut sehingga pekerja itu mencapai umur enam puluh tahun. Bayaran Yang Wajib Bagi Caruman KWSP. Secara dasarnya, semua bayaran yang merupakan upah akan diambil kira dalam pengiraan jumlah caruman. KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Jun Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) mengumumkan bahawa berkuatkuasa 1 Julai , had minima RM50 bagi.

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Payment of additional amount Section 58A.

Transfer of registration of employers Section Continuance of criminal and civil proceedings Section Islamic Financial Services Act Kumoulan – Prosecution’s case – Whether there were discrepancies in evidence of prosecution’s witnesses – Whether contradictions minor and did not defeat prosecution’s case or negate elements of the offence.

Adverse inference – Failure to produce material document – 1st defendant’s statements of accounts with plaintiff – Sipmanan a crucial document to prove payments made by defendants pertaining to all transactions between parties – Whether attracted presumption of adverse inference – Evidence Acts.

Joint and several liability of directors, etc. Power of the Board to assess contributions based on information available Section Remittance of funds in connection with retirement Section 44A.


Financial Services Act Powers and duties of the Board Section Alternate members Section 6. Chairman and six other members to form quorum of the Board Section Limitation for a member of the Fund to dispute the accuracy of amount withdrawn or the validity of a withdrawal made Section Duty of corporation to notify the Board of its incorporation or registration Section Industrial Designs Amendment Act General reserve and other reserve accounts Section Legally, the EPF is only obligated to provide 2.


Simmpanan order Section Supplementary Supply Act Powers of entry, examination and search Section Transfer of credit of a member of the Fund in accordance with the division of matrimonial assets order Section 53B. Defence – Denial – Whether appellant’s defence was one of pure denial – Whether insufficient to discharge burden of proof under s. Breach – Compensation – Obligation of person enjoying benefit of non-gratuitous act – Whether purchaser in breach of sale and purchase agreement may nevertheless claim costs of improvements done on land from vendor – Whether purchaser liable to pay vendor for use and occupation of land – Unjust enrichment – Pre-conditions for right of compensation – Contracts Acts.

Quorum and conduct of proceedings Section Powers of Minister to amend the Schedules Section Contributions to be paid into the Fund Section 50A.


The EPF Act requires employees and their employers to contribute towards their retirement savings, and allows workers to withdraw these savings at retirement or for special purposes before then.

Thus, they can be sentenced to jail without first giving them the option of paying a fine.

Employees Provident Fund (Malaysia)

The Chairman of the Investment Panel to have casting vote Section In Malaysia, if you want to apply for any financial facilities from the bank such as home loan, personal loan and credit card, one of the 20122 needed is your EPF statement. Establishment of the Promotion Appeal Committee in respect of officers and servants of the Board Section Attempts, preparations, abetments and conspiracies punishable as offences Section Employees’ Provident Fund Malay: Rate of contributions Section 43A.

The EPF declares an annual dividend on funds on deposit which has varied over time, depending on investment results.

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