Jun 18, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module G – Against The Giants – AD&D. This module contains background information, referee’s notes, two level maps, and exploration matrix keys. It provides a complete module for play of ADV. This material was originally published as three separate adventures; G1 If you enjoy this module, watch for future releases in the AD&Dâ„¢ line from TSR, The.

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The ancient Prophecy of Brie foretells that in Pellham’s darkest hour, a king from the past will return to restore the kingdom. Angered by this, the human rulers hire ad&dd group of adventurers the player characters to “punish the miscreant giants.

g11 All humans, one of each of the major character classes. Archived from the original on 13 March Stories of the city and tales of fabulous artifacts originating from Carsall still abound.

TSR 1st Edition Ad&d 1978 G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief

Along the way, the PCs do battle with an assortment of baddies, chief amongst them a drow magic-user and his succubus consort. Dungeon Master For Dummies. This book also contains, not one, but two complete two-part adventures for your entertainment and for use as models when creating other adventures. Swenson notes that the lower level of the hill giant steading “is a conventional underground dungeon, populated with slaves, guards, and the odd monsters”, but that the relatively small space occupied by the revolting slaves seems unrealistic.


Two spells were also added, which had been absent from the original modules.

Steve Jackson Games This module contains a challenging scenario for experienced players, the tournament scoring da&d, and nine fully-equipped, playtested tournament characters.

The maps did not contain a scale, which he assumed was 10 feet 3. The leader of the fire giants is King Snurre Iron Belly, and his hall is made of obsidian and natural caverns.

Against the Giants – Wikipedia

Bambra liked the reprinting of ad&dd modules, stating that “their printing under one cover has reduced the price at no detriment to the quality.

Or will they, like others before them, be lured into the clutches of some terrible evil inhabiting the gloomy marsh and disappear forever? If the DM wishes, there is a tunnel that leads deep into the earth; to the home of the drow.

The chief’s treasure room contains a map of the glacial rift from Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarland a magic chain that automatically transports the party there. Butterfield felt that the dungeon was not an easy challenge, especially with the strong and numerous monsters such as the roughly eighty trolls on one level.

Wizards of the As&d. Are they clever enough to unravel a scheme far more sinister than simple theft?

The main inhabitants are frost giants and ogres. Jim Bambra reviewed the re-released G module series very positively in issue 35 of White Dwarf magazine, awarding 10 out of Ad&c Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl pits the player characters against the evil Jarl of the frost giants. My brother was a veteran of gaming, but my wife and daughter were newbies.


TSR 1st Edition Ad&d G1 Steading of The Hill Giant Chief | eBay

Dark Sun Dark Sun: Those are some of my favorite memories: Whoever is responsible, the statue must be recovered, at any cost. Long live the drow!

The time of the prophecy is now. The prison contains an attractive storm giantess. The plot of each of the three original modules focuses on a particular type of evil giant.

You won’t be disappointed. You and your fellow adventurers have defeated the slavers at Highport, but you have learned of the existence of another slaver stronghold, and you have decided to continue the attack.

You can use this adventure alone, or as the conclusion of the series. Hall of the Fire Giant King. You swam for your life to this mysterious island, losing most of your provisions in the process, only to find it barren of all but grass.