R Hot Weather Concreting. ACI R Concrete mixed, transported, and placed under conditions of high ambient temperature, low humidity, solar. Temperature, volume changes, and cracking problems associated with mass concrete are treated more thoroughly in ACI R, R, and R. ACI Committee defines hot weather as any combination of high ambient temperature, high concrete temperature, low relative humidity, wind speed and.

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The materials, processes, quality control measures, and inspections described in this document should be tested, monitored, or performed as applicable only by individuals holding the appropriate ACI certifications or equivalent. The presence of a desirable air-void system is needed if the concrete is going to 3005r exposed acii freezing cycles.

Users who have suggestions for the improvement of AC1 documents are requested to contact the AC1 Engineering Department in writing, with the following information: Above-ground storage tanks for mixing water should be provided with shade and thermal insulation.

Manyconcrete placements get off to a bad start because the concrete was ordered before the job was ready and slump control was lost at this most critical time. When placement is slow, consideration shouldbe given to reducing load size, using set-retarding admixture, or using cooled concrete.

A selected bibliogruphy is included. The general influence of the temperature of concrete ingredients on concrete temperature is calculated from the equations in Appendix A, and shown in Fig.


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The method differs from that by direct liquid nitrogen injection into mixedconcrete described in B4. Early in the bleeding process, however, and at rates of evaporation less than or equal to 0. Installation of of this system requires insulated mixing water storage, a nitrogen supply vessel, batch controls, and auxiliary equipment. Because water-reducing generally retarders increase concrete strength, they can be used, with proper mixtureadjustments, to avoidstrengthlossesthatwould otherwise resultfrom high concrete temperatures Gaynor et al ; Mittelacher and Adequateinspectionis also necessary to verify 350r document this compliance.

This cracking is more likely in cool weather with slower setting concretes than hot weather. zci

R Guide to Hot Weather Concreting

These admixtures,together with the cementitious materials and other ingredients proposed for the project, should be evaluated in the field for desired properties.

For efficient mixing,mixersshouldbe free of buildup of hardened concrete and excessive wear of mixer blades. If drying conditions are such that crusting the surface blocks of bleed water from reaching the surface, 305t bleeding may cause scaling.

Guide to Hot Weather Concreting: Write a customer review. Therefore, all practical means should be employed to keep theaggregates as cool as possible.

Theconcrete shouldnotbe placed faster than it can be properly consolidated and finished. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Various cooling methods are described in Appendix B. Sprinkling of coarse aggregates with cool water can reduce aggregate temperature evaporation and direct coolby ing Lee Breakdowns or delays that stop or slow the place- ment can seriously affect the quality and appearance of the work. Slump can easily change due to minor changes in materials and concrete characteristics.


305R-10 Guide to Hot Weather Concreting

Leaving the sample of fresh concrete exposed to sun, wind, or dry air 30r invalidate test results. For a listing of and access to all product errata, visit the Errata page.

Each are widely used as partial replacements for portland cement; they may impart a slower rate of setting and of early strength gain toconcrete, which the is desirable in hot weather concreting, as explained in Section 2.

Committee activities include aaci development of building codes and specification standards; analysis of research and development results; presentation of construction and repair techniques; and education. For example, a moderate 1.

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Based on 1 h delivery time on a hot, sunny day, concrete in a clean white mixer drum should be 2 to 3 F 1 to 1. If the placing rate isnot coordinated with the available work force and equipment, the quality of the work will be marred by cold joints, poor consolidation, and uneven surface finishes. These will be of particular benefit in the event of delayed placements or deliveries over greater distances.

Operators often batch concrete in a drier condition than desired to avoid producing slump higher than specified; a be job a small water addition may needed at the site.