We’re an online A Battery Cell Reseller. A cells are not to be charged or discharged to the same voltages as Lipoly packs, therefore do not use these cells unless you are aware of the differences. products offers a lifepo4 battery pack products. About 50% of these are rechargeable batteries, 41% are battery packs, and 1% are auto.

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With how tolerant of abuse the cells are, this makes A packs really economical in the long lofepo4. On the rare occasion it does, the packs, or cells go into other projects.

Thanks for the info! I’m hard on batteries and I like this durable kind with these good attributes.

a123 lifepo4 battery pack

Nobody I know does this where I live. Browse the entire automotive product portfolio below. Could you list those 10 places? Our Story We are a certified supplier of advanced lithium-ion technology and batteries to automotive OEMs and industries around the world.

I ordered both the 12S and 10S, just to be sure Also, why do you say this: Higher voltage would make up for the low amphour rating. I’m looking and sharing anything good I find.

China A 36V 24Ah lifep4o battery pack. I’d like to see these batteries get more popular in sales and production so price comes down and we get more variety in sizes amphours.

I fly kind of easy and like gliders and WW1 warbirds WW2 Lifspo4 I’m trying to figure out what to do, go higher in voltage. Electrify With NMC To meet the growing demands of electric vehicles, our product portfolio has been expanded to include a diverse range of solutions including nickel manganese cobalt Lfiepo4 technology. Started flying in and flew AMA precision aerobatics through the 70’s to the early 80’s, when I switched to all electric power.


The purpose of the LiFePo4 is to have a safer and more durable battery, so I will keep them for now. Are these guys at arc. These are rough estimates, probably on the pessimistic side. A Rechargeable Battery A mah Battery. These batteries already make heavy packs, so I want to at least get the max amphour rating from an a cell. Thank you Gordon Leonard Somebody here said there are 10 places to get these batteries, I’ve been looking and hear lots of people talk about this without listing Licepo4 they buy the batteries.

Past experience has only been glo fuel planes and gliders with 3s batteries or system Batts hi-starts and javelin. Or are most using just 3,4,or 5 a cell packs.

Mar 27, I charge the packs at 10 amps and it takes anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes for a charge at the field. Add to that that I do not have a spot welder, so I ordered the batteries with soldering tabs to get a more harmless soldering. If we list these and lifepp4 buy from your shared link that may help keep your source in business.

a lifepo4 | eBay

Lifepo4 A AnrM1b 3. I was really wanting to get 3.

Because if these really are 2. The characteristics are wonderful, but capacity is not. That is cells, not packs. Nominal voltage of 3. Why do you have multiple BMSes? Join the team, lead the future We push a23 be on the forefront of innovation, helping power new technology revolutions around the world.


How do you connect multiple BMSes to have a single charger? Runs with a 3s hacker geared inrunner and a All of my packs are soldered. Thanks lifdpo4 being so comprehensive! A lifepo4 battery pack E-bike a battery discharge rate.

Lifepo4 a where to buy real new ones large sizes ? – RC Groups

Too bad you wrote not recycled. How the packs are configured depends on the space they have to fit in. Mar 25, At a 30 amp oifepo4, about 3 volts under load it a good guess. So I am getting Boosted has 12s1p of these. Some have posted they use these and they’re very durable long lasting almost indestructible. Originally Posted by leonard3k Some have posted they use these and they’re very durable long lasting almost indestructible.

A123 Automotive Lithium-ion Solutions

Sure like some larger ones like radical rc 3. Im not sure how Ill set up the charging just yet. Authentic awt 3. What’s the service9 A6: Range will depend a lot on your weight, how you ride, and conditions.

Not much heavier and if they’re just as good Talking about this in amp-hours is confusing, because the meaning of 1 amp hour changes with voltage 6s 1ah is half of 12s 1ah.