A Civil Campaign: A Comedy of Biology and Manners is a science fiction novel by American writer Lois McMaster Bujold, first published in September Bujold dedicates her new novel to the Bront s, Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Sayers, which gives a pretty good indication of the territory she’s staked out in this . Despite all his power, Lord Miles Vorkosigan can’t win the hand of the beautiful Vor widow, Ekaterin Vorsoisson, who is violently allergic to marriage as a result.

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The seizure disorder was the last souvenir that ImpSec Captain Miles Vorkosigan had brought home from his decade of military missions.

Unfortunately, his approach is described as “General Romeo Vorkosigan, the one-man strike force. Did you put your best foot forward?

Forced to be satisfied with his one day’s progress, Miles finished his tea, exchanged a few more pleasantries with the two women, and took his leave.

I’m so glad the real world has moved beyond Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. I am not especially good at keeping track of political intricacies, but Bujold managed to carry me along without losing me in any of the convolutions. Seems we outgrow our past in more ways than one. I gather that many many readers love this book and that scene and so on and so forth.


She turns out to be a bad mother for Capmaign. I love watching Aral and Cordelia grow old together, and I love the way their family expands. Lois McMaster Bujold was born inthe daughter of an engineering professor at Ohio State University, from whom bujood picked up her early interest in science fiction.

Pym’s voice drifted back, “See, what did I tell you –” His further explication to his comrades, whatever it was, was quickly muffled by distance into an unintelligible mutter. A Civil Campaign brings up a more interesting Ekaterin, though from what I read so far, I still cannot call this a romance: You can read why I came to this decision here.

He looked much better now, his brown eyes quick and his face mobile again.

A Civil Campaign – Lois McMaster Bujold – Google Books

He glanced up at her, and a rueful smile lit his eyes in response to the crinkle of her own. This is an odd book in a series that has been predominantly an adventure SF series that explores the effects of technology on societies. Most of the various editions of the book sport covers with couples dancing or getting married. He wouldn’t have been able to use standard-issue gear, after all. All this charm and hilarity steal your heart and even if you are not a fan of romantic comedies these sharp characters will win you over for the cause.

I did not like Ekaterin very much in Komarr.

Or attempting, for the first time, to entertain friends and guests in your own, actual identity instead of a cover identity. A buddy read with Choko and Maria. He stretched, and on the x came to a posture totally unlike anything she’d seen in him before: Can bujild be read as a standalone?


The Vorkosigans stood by their own, it seemed. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Pym nodded, and returned his attention to the crowded road.

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Everyone will be back on planet for the wedding. I can certainly see why it’s so beloved by everyone who’s read this series. I joined the Service to get away from my mother, blast it.

She continues to grow throughout the story, gaining the confidence to stand up for herself against those who try to manipulate her. She couldn’t think how to discourage him from this horrifying notion without sounding as though she scorned his offer.

First, Emperor Gregor is getting married, and Miles, like everyone else in the government, is caught up in the complex acmpaign and diplomatic whirl surrounding the impending nuptials. Product details File Size: Perhaps Miles could provide one sometime, for Nikki’s delectation. Pym eased the groundcar into the street, and inquired mildly, “Go well, did it, m’lord?

He fell head over hills in love and had a problem somewhat similar to Miles’.