Moscow, RUS


Time : 23:53
Venue : SHAMANIA @ Volta club
Phone : 8 (495) 777-67-12

Olox feat Linda on the presentation of a new album @ Moscow club


On November the 7th 2015, Olox has performed with the amazing Linda, it was their presentation of a new upcoming album. The atmosphere was warm and it felt like magic was all over the place. Zarina had been a huge fan of Linda since she was a girl, and now, her dream to meet the idol became true and even more because she and Andreas have the opportunity to perform and cooperate with such a legend.

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Je vous sens (intro for album) — Free Listening on SoundCloud

Concert at Ritz-Carlton

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Olox jazz rehearsal

The process of Olox jazz rehearsal.

Olox on Channel 1


Olox has been known in many different ares and now it has been shown at the Channel 1. Watch the fragment of the show «Park».

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Memories — olox [demo]

Meditational deep Yakut tunes. «A5am Alaaha» of Anastasia Varlamova in a new interpretation.