Manual de Umbrello UML Modeller. Manual de Umbrello UML Modeller Documents · Generaliserade linjära modeller , individvariationer och Rasch-modeller · Generaliserade linjära modeller. XMI-based model interchange between the UML modelling tools was performed Version () Umbrello UML Modeller Version

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A Modellre belongs to exactly one class and represents a summary of the values the attributes of a class can take. An actor is an external entity outside of the system that interacts with the system by participating and often initiating a Use Case.

A check constraint also known as table check constraint is a condition that defines valid data when adding or updating an entry in a table of a relational database. States are the building block of State Diagrams. Visual representation of a Class in UML.

A Use Case describes — from the point of view of the actors — a group of activities in a system that produces a concrete, tangible result. Different texts on this subject use different notations. They have no logical meaning in the model. Collaboration Diagrams show modfller interactions occurring between the objects participating in a specific situation. Common examples include integers and booleans.

Activities can also have more than one outgoing transition if they have different conditions. It is free-standing text and has no meaning to the Model itself. Use Cases can also have relationships with other Use Cases.

There are a few elements in UML that have no real semantic modellwr for the model, but help to clarify parts of the diagram. The foreign key identifies a column or a set of columns in one referencing table that refers to a column or set of columns in another referenced table. It may be an object with a physical existence example, Computer, Robot or it may be an modellerr with a conceptual modellrr eq: Each end of the association also has a multiplicity value, which dictates how many objects on this side of the association can relate to one object on the other side.


State Diagrams view Objects as state machines or finite automates that can be in one of a set of finite states and umhrello can change its state via one of a finite set of stimuli. Multiplicity is displayed as a range [min. Compositions are associations that represent very strong aggregations. They represent the external interface of the system and specify a form of requirements of mnaual the system has to do remember, only what, not how.

In UMLCompositions are represented by a solid rhomb on the side of the whole. Other Class Diagram Items. In UMLAggregations are represented by an association that shows a rhomb on the side of the whole.

Umbrello Project – Welcome to Umbrello – The UML Modeller

Maunal Activity is a single step in a process. Notes are useful to add more detailed information about an object or a specific situation.

All objects of this class instances of this class share the same behavior, and have the same set of attributes each object has its own set. Use Cases are descriptions of the typical interactions between the users of a system and the system itself. When the derived entities are not constrained to be disjoint, their set of entities are said to be in overlapping specialization.


They also show interfaces and objects class instances.

Manual UML Modeller Umbrello – [PDF Document]

This means that an entity can be a member of at most one of the derived entities of the specialization. Synchronous messages have a vertical box on the side of the called object to show the flow of program control. Umbrello showing an Entity Relationship Diagram. Activity Diagrams are similar to procedural Flux Diagrams, with the difference that all Activities are clearly attached to Objects. An Entity is any concept in the real world with an independent existence.

Associations can have a role that specifies the purpose of the association and can be uni- or bidirectional indicates if the two objects participating in the relationship can send messages to the other, of if only one of them knows about the other.

Visual representation of an Association in UML. Stands for protected attributes.

Manual UML Modeller Umbrello

For example an Object of type NetServer can be in one of following states during its life:. For Aggregations, the class acting as the whole always has a multiplicity of one.

Much like multiple inheritance in Object Oriented Programming. Activity Diagrams support sequential as well as parallel Activities.