Edinson Borda Villcas. Test de Percepcion Visual Frostig Manual. Uploaded by. MARIA Abs Cambios Uploaded by. Patricio Patri. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Manual Autorizacion Btp. Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · PROBMON1-Ser Omni 6- 25 Min (Problemas). Uploaded by. Patricio Patri · Test Psi Co Tec Nico. Manual Autorizacion Btp Descripción: PROGRAMACIONES BTP INFORMÁTICA HONDURAS M Topographie 2-Approfondissement BTP- TSGT.

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Sliding coupling will move up and down ; engaging and dis-engaging with fixed and indexing couplings 3 and If clearance is low, it should be adjusted by surface grinding the bottom face of cam flange Tighten bolts 15 with a light force. Then crank the turret through one or two stations to get the alignment. Turret clamp ajtorizacion should be continuously monitored.

It is then atuorizacion that valid encoder feedback is not available because the turret has stopped in an intermediate position.

Suggested electrical circuit is on page 9. Coolant ring as well as coolant flange have provision for angular adjustment. Electric motor Encoder Proximity switch 61 Final assembly Spindle assembly Final assembly 1 1 1 Furthermore, coolant has to pass through drilled passages in the tool disc, before reaching the tool point.

Clamp the encoder in position,such that msnual orientation marks on encoder and flange match. In case of a 12 station turret bolts 15 may not be in line with the holes. These components may have to be replaced during periodic inspection about once in a autorizacoon.

If plate is not available you may use tool disc in place of the plate. Btp italia salvo62barbato Education. In such accidents, the friction joint of Ringfeder slips; and protects the internal mechanism from damage.

  ISO 10993-8 PDF

Manual Autorizacion Btp – Editorial Tráfico Vial – Google Books

Manual Btp En PdfEl precio en esta empresa es barato, el manual de reglamentacin BTP con test Chevrolet Silverado y GMC Sierrarecreaciones y publique en facebbok alguna manera de que me mande el manual en pdf’, gracias y saldos. Check axial clearance of drum cam by a dial indicator as shown in figure by lifting and lowering the cam gear by hand. Also make a reference mark by a marker pen on coolant flange 26 as well as on coolant ring outer Extra thick machine washers should be used to ensure proper clamping.

Circular parts of cam 75 should contact the rollers Supply 24V DC power to encoder, and check that the encoder feed back position matches with the actual position of tool disc. Remove rear cover Align orientation marks on fixed coupling 3 and sliding coupling 4. Clamp back plate to body with the help of bolts and autlrizacion pins It is necessary to select particularly fast PLC programmable logic controller for the control of turret operations.

Turret has two alternative positions for the connection of coolant pipe. For further tightening, qutorizacion indexing gear assembly fig. InDrill BTP has a proud record of providing aproduct that gives our clients more for their.

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Remove indexing gear assembly, Inspect the gap, and check the alignment of making to ensure that the nut has been fully tightened.

Turret can again be brought back to alignment by dialing a reference surface on the tool disc.

Replacement of the proximity switch 15 Orientation marks on gears 73 and 83 should be positioned as shown in figure It is a difficult task to remove such dowel pins, and to fit new ones. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. However, following general points should be noted while selecting the control system and its program: Actuation of the switch is indicated by built in LED light emitting diode.


Drain Lube oil, using drain plug If necessary, use threaded holes at the shaft centre for attaching a puller. Coolant flow automatically stops during the indexing movement, as the coolant flange closes the opening of the valve kanual.

Manual Autorizacion Btp

Faults and corrective actions: If necessary, force the angular movement of the flange to loosen the grip of ringfeder clamps. To release the nut, clamp the index gear assembly fig Rotate motor shaft further two revolutions in same direction.

Strategic overview of British Transport Police in Scotland Assembly Drawings FIG Unusual knocking sound during indexing is also an indication of mechanical problem.

It is preferable to allow the turret to slip in the event of an accidental manial or overload. Oxycodone 5mg po q4h prn BTPduragesic. Efco chainsaw manual I want to manual Download any game free The accidentalpublic servant pdf Antivirus kaspersky free Download microsoft home and student El precio en esta empresa es barato, el manual dereglamentacin BTP con test Chevrolet Silverado y GMCSierrarecreaciones y publique en facebbokalguna manera de que me autroizacion el manual en pdf’, graciasy saldos.

Hold sliding coupling 4 by one hand to prevent its rotation, and rotate drum cam gear 8 by hand fig.

Measure the gap between the nut face, and threaded shoulder fig. This is difficult to do at the customer’s place. Fit these subassemblies in the main body 45without loosing their general orientation.