Thanks to Jess Corbett for providing text and pictures for this manual. Lubitel Universal [Fig.1] is an up-to-date and simple in operation camera intended. This page is no longer actively maintained. (Pardon?) This is a near facsimile copy of a British Lubitel-2 manual. I copied the original font and lay-out to retain the. The combination of its glass lenses, the flexible or 35mm format, fully manual everything, fully automatic nothing, peering into a waist-level finder, slowing.

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My local pro lab was able to develop it, but there was only one picture People who are open-minded, enthusiastic, free with their ideas, philanthropic, endlessly curious, always travelling, constantly documenting, and completely awestruck by the enduring power of analog photographs.

Flash synchronizer is intended for matching the flashing moment with complete shutter opening. Turning the film rewinding knob 18 [ Fig. manua,

A Review of the Lubitel 166B

The diaphragm serves for the control of light opening diameter. Lightweight and easy to use, the Lubitel B makes a perfect TLR camera for the beginner and a fun camera for the professional.

With electronic flash used the shutter may be set to any automatic exposure. I’ve uploaded that photo as well as some others. Further, slightly turning film rewinding knob, press it and the head of the take-up spool spindle up to the stop.

Frame counting is performed through the window according to values on light protective paper of the film. Rather than reflecting the objective reality in front of you, they reflect the subjective reality of the Lomographer behind the camera. Thread dimensions for the light filter mount.


Viewfinder lens relative aperture.

Lubitel – Wikipedia

The lens is stopped down when increase of the depth of field is desirable or when the available light is too intensive. Scales of distances, diaphragms and exposures and all the control units are located to assure speed and convenient operation.

However this should not prevent the daylight unloading of the camera. For extra resolution detail, a flip-down magnifying glass is available.

LUBITEL instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free manuals

At exposure scale every following value is two times preceding one. Discover evadanah22’s colorful work! In this case the limits of the viewfinder field will be the image limits. Slightly pulling out the rear hood is enough to close the viewfinder. The required diaphragm value is set by moving the lever 20 [ Fig. Hailing from Indonesia, Lomo Cult is a self-confessed Lomography fanboy and one lubite, our community’s most active members.

Or go directly to: Before taking pictures take lubiitel cover off the lenses and set the required exposure times and diaphragm. I was using it a few days ago and it seemed that the gears weren’t meshing on the two lenses.

Looking to the viewfinder determine the frame limits for 4. Selected exposure time is set by rotating the adjusting ring dog 5 [ Fig.

Handle the camera with care. To open the viewfinder it is necessary to tilt the panel inside so that it catches the rear hood lug. It is enough to raise a little the reflex viewfinder cover to see deep between the light protective hoods a large and for any illumination distinct clear image according to which it is easy to fit frame limits when the object is already found or to find a new scene.


Shutter is released with smooth pressing the release lever or the knob of the cable release, the camera manuxl provided with the socket for it. Anyone ever had a problem with the shutter being stuck in Bulb “B” mode no matter what you set the shutter speed dial to? The objective lenses could be wiped from the outside only using a clean cambric or linen cloth or cotton wool, on having breathed on them. If the object image that is required to get most sharp should be located at the picture edge turn the camera while focusing so that the object image was in the center and prior to kubitel shutter release return the camera to the initial position.

The viewfinder is provided with metal light protective hoods that open simultaneously with raising the cover.

Lubitel-2 manual

Sure, it’s a funky little camera a great intro into the world of TLRbut not a particularly great one by any means. Depth of field in metres with diaphragms. Diaphragm shutter is automatically giving the following speeds: