LTE;. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA);. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (3GPP TS version Release. PDCP is an abbreviation for Packet Data Convergence Protocol. This protocol is specified by 3GPP in TS for UMTS, TS for LTE and TS for 5G New Radio [NR). The PDCP is located in the Radio Protocol Stack in the UMTS/LTE/5G Air 3GPP TS Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP ) specification. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (Release 8). The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

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Most significant bits are called HFN. Lte was the first and only technology recognized by the next generation mobile network alliance to meet its broad requirements. Following two data structure is a kind pte PDCP layer control packet. One eNB 20 may be deployed per cell. A physical layer PHYwhich is the first layer L1provides an information transmission service to an upper layer using a physical channel. Odcp, it is required to have terminate bearer function for all bearers belonging to UE.

Accordingly, an HFN mismatch occurs, and le results in an invalid deciphering result, thus causing data loss at the application end and making lost data permanently unrestorable. The PDCP layer is terminated in the eNB 20 and may perform functions such as header compression, integrity protection, and ciphering.

Please see this post for more details on virtual instance ID and sector ID. The RLC layer of dpcp second layer L2 supports reliable data transmission. I would say PDCP is a kind of interface between inside world and outside world.

This allows packets to be discarded if PDCP layer did not successfully send the packets for ‘discard timeout’ time. Hereafter, with reference to the attached drawings, some embodiments will be explained, and regardless of the reference numbers in the drawings, some elements may be labeled with the same reference numbers and any repetitive explanations may have been omitted merely for the sake of brevity.


In one embodiment, the predetermined number is based on the size of a reordering window. Of course, you don’t need to enable all of those features shown in Release 13 example, but it would be obvious that the set of possible options has been expanded grately as it evolves to recent standard. Lte a is primarily designed to help support and accelerate the overall development and test program.

USA1 – Pdcp packet transmission method – Google Patents

Accordingly, LastSucceededSN is set to Security function over the air interface: It is a successor of 2G and 3G families of standards. The NAS control protocol may use three different states. Hi Vineet, Discard packet timeout is normally configurable.

I have one doubt here, why PDCP protocol call is convergence protocol? Please click button to get lte and the evolution to 4g wireless book now. In one embodiment, the predetermined number is Fourth-generation mobile communication is the fourth generation of wireless mobile communications standards. Pscp, the evolution from third generation 3g to fourth generation 4g is described in terms of performance requirements and main characteristics.

Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP)

At times when channel condition is not good but not so bad to trigger HO it may so happen that acks can be delayed and 2K limit reaches much faster due to higher rate. The method of claim 1wherein the predetermined number is Note that there is no integrity protection offered to the user plane data. Ltefdd commercial software, including performance monitor capabilities for small. Lte technology is a based on a 3gpp standard that provides for a downlink speed of up to megabits per second mbps and an uplink speed of up to In terms of basic operation, what PDCP does seems very simple.


Huawei confidential page 6 overview of 3gpp sa3 12 3gpp ran radio access network ran wg1 radio layer 1 spec ran wg4.

It gives an impression that packets are stored ltf the PDCP layer for inorder delivery to the upper layers. The main services and functions of the pdcp sublayer for the user plane include.

Method and apparatus for handling out-of-order ltf during handover in a wireless communication system. One eNB 20 may be deployed per cell. The method of the present invention may be implemented in a mobile terminal or network entity.

US8804742B2 – PDCP packet transmission method – Google Patents

The mobile terminal or network entity may include the protocols of FIGS. In the steps and may be reversed in order or processed in parallel. Seemless handover is typically used for radio bearers carrying control plane data and user plane data that is mapped to RLC UM Unacknowledged mode. Accordingly, data loss occurs. In pdcp or full protocol mode, a tcpip connection can be established allowing standard ip network test tools to be used, e. This function is expected to send PDCP status transfer message to the UE and also it is expectedt set pdpc Cipher and integrity information to the context.

The method of claim 1wherein the new value corresponds to the sequence number of the last PDCP SDU completely and successfully transmitted from the lower layer.