A Deadly Little Collection: Collecting Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Lies, and Deadly Little Games (Touch Novel, A) – Kindle edition by Laurie Faria Stolarz . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Laurie Faria Stolarz is the author of Deadly Little Secret and Bleed, as well as the highly popular young adult novels Blue Is. Deadly Little Lies. Book Cover: Deadly Little Lies. Buy Now: . “Laurie Faria Stolarz is a master creator of suspense and romance. Her words cause the heart to.

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Deadly Little Secret

It made me never get enough of it. Unlike last time, I totally didn’t know that it was blankity blank who was the stalker. She is, of course, determined to find out more about Ben, the mystery guy.

Either way, it annoyed me. It’s soo awsome how Camelia might have powers too!! Two guys, one girl. The “love triangle” is a great addition to the novel, because it really puts a strain on Camelia’s and Ben’s relationship, or lack thereof. Like the first book actually scared me and this stloarz was just blah. But then he starts to warm to her–even though he warns her that she shouldn’t be friends with him, it’s too dangerous.

A guy named Ben saves her from a car crashing into her and since then she hasn’t stopped thinking about him. It did have th More of my reviews at http: The characters are straight out of the Blue is for Nightmares series: The only reason I gave it a 4-star is becau Never ever read this if you’re alone or you’re easily creeped out.


I just could not figure him out. Everyne thinks it’s a joke, but she doesn’t think so. I expected the same from this book. There wasn’t too much development with any of the characters, which was honestly frustrating, she made the exact same mistakes as in the first book. Reviewed by May A. This paranormal romance thriller will have you trying to solve the mystery for hours. Just like when I read Deadly Little Secret, I was almost dizzy from wondering and worrying who could be trusted in Camelia’s world.

Deadly Little Lies – Laurie Stolarz

Summary – Camelia gets threatening letters and photos again. I feel like it could have been more reasonable.

Mar 12, Lauren rated it it was amazing Shelves: Camelia’s new stalker makes her move after her parents leaves to Detroit to talk with ‘crazy’ Aunt Alexia and her psychitrist. In Camelia’s heart, even though she eeadly still obviously in love with Ben, she see’s Adam as a good friend and it slows turns into more after Adam asks her out on a date.

To be fair, my 2-star review comes from the viewpoint of an adult reading a novel meant lids kids in their early teens. I couldn’t put it down. Does it have any scary parts or stuff?


After reading one page, I couldn’t get to the littl one fast enough. But just as Camelia and Ben’s romance began to heat up, he abruptly left town. I still kind of hate Camelia because she never learns from her mistakes the first time.

Ben and Camelia’s complicated, yet still very there, romance was a hooking subplot to the story, for you constantly are stloarz if and when they will ever realize how much they both need eachother. Can’t explain that without giving the only cool element of the book away. Kimmie and Wess were a blast.

Deadly Little Lies

Not to be out done by Matt, Camelia’s new stalker also leaves her deadly messages on her bulkhead as well as calls her to make sure she got the message, ‘You are Dead’. She knows how to captivate the reader- inserting a bit of romance here, some eerie voices there, secrets untold, threatening antics and creepy diary entries.

The trepidation born from the anonymous threats will make the pages fly, and the palpable tension between Camelia and Ben as they attempt to ignore their hearts causes the fire to burn hotter.