The Lamsa New Testament in a new, easy-to-carry size, translated directly from the Aramaic, the language of Jesus and his disciples, gives us a greater. Read and study in the George Lamsa Translation of the Peshitta. Read the Bible. Peshitta – Lamsa Translation. PrevBackNext. New Testament. For the New Testament, the best current Greek New Testament texts were used.” (New I am not very familiar with the Lamsa Bible, but it seems to be uniquely.

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The tax collector, Matthew, and fishermen like Peter and John needed Greek to do business. The Hellenistic Jews Acts 6: There are no enw topics on this book yet. This bias stems from bitterness towards the largely Greek-speaking council which censured Nestorius.

Lamsa Bible – Wikipedia

Unity School of Christianity,hereafter, Kingdom. Others whose bodies were not cured left the place cursing and shouting insults.

In the Bible testimony is given that God spoke to man; however, it is not recorded where he spoke to a committee…Yes, only one man could translate the Bible from Aramaic.

The Lamsa New Testament in a new, easy-to-carry size, translated directly from the Aramaic, the language of Jesus and his disciples, gives us a greater understanding of the very basis of Christianity. No layman or priest in the East would destroy a sacred text of the Four Gospels just to write a history of the Saints. Roland added it Nov 17, Learn how your comment data is processed.


A translation from the Aramaic Peshitta, which was the original text used by Aramaic speaking people of Palestine.

Holman, Your email address will not be published.

Lamsa Bible

Jose Tedeschi added it Feb 27, Second, his own Assyrian culture changed over the centuries. This even led to alternate alphabets for their common language.

The customs and language of these groups llamsa even though they shared a common heritage, land, and time period. Such an act would be considered sacrilegious.

Though in fact the Peshitta does not have four lines in this verse. Lamsa lamea himself to be the man God set aside and inspired for our times, and his followers still view him as such. Josh Eha marked it as to-read Nov 04, Paperbackpages. One of many writing scripts which were applied to the Aramaic Syriac language.

Christ died, Lamsa says in his notes on John 3: Lamsa thus claimed his translation was superior to versions based on later Greek manuscripts. For further information or to subscribe to the Christian Research Journal go to: Lamsa, Gospel Light Philadelphia: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For instance, the Herodians were Roman in culture, educated in Greek, tolerant of all religions, and unfaithful to the Mosaic law.

Oxford University, They were never used by the Christian of the Church of the East.

They further believe he held the Bible in high esteem and that he accurately translated it. Lamsa remembers thousands of his Armenian people being massacred, starved, or forced from their homeland by Moslems; he narrowly escaped death himself. Nonetheless, the question remains: The following samples will show how the translators of the New Testament into Greek misunderstood some of the Aramaic words and idioms.

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Their dates are determined by many factors, so a claim made by Lamsa 47 that deceitful translators cut the dates out of texts to make them appear older is false. He was seen alive and ascending to heaven only by those whose spiritual vision had been strengthened by faith in him. His followers — the Nestorians — formed a church, developed their own rituals and doctrine, and still exist today in small numbers in Persia and India.

For a thorough study, see J. Christian Scholar or Cultic Torchbearer? Orlando Telewik rated it did not like it Feb 22, All the owners of these manuscripts had used the same malpractice. Agnes Lewis in the Covenant of St.

Lamsa explains his unique calling through editor Tom Alyea: Rival tribes were in constant conflict, highlighting their political, cultural, and religious differences.

They repudiated the Mosaic law and its accompanying moral code and tesament. Fortress Press, Catherine on Mount Sinai inunfortunately was forged by the Monks, deliberately, before it was sold to Mrs.